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Comment Power (Score 1) 583

is not given, it's taken. You can nearly always count on getting responsibility without authority. Also, many of the comments here have applicability to large corporations. personally, I prefer small companies, WAY, WAY, better. Usually there's far fewer a55h0l3s, there's more freedom, and less political gamesmanship.

Comment Re:chumps taken for a ride (Score 1) 141

Sheeple, schmeeple

DuPont made a pile off the new alternatives.

Irrelevant. Kinda implies that an alternative energy economy would be really fruitful and prosperous.

The "recovery" started happening even before change of CFCs implemented,

Citation? Hrumpf. The data I 've reviewed had much larger error bars early on, that got smaller, and the recovery was signficantly above the noise.

clearly the size of the "hole" just solar cycle driven..

Uh, no. The solar cycle doesn't line up. Another non-scientist with wacky jargon infused quackery.

Comment Let's see, stranger things have happened (Score 1) 395

Hilary would be the first woman POTUS, and Bill would be the first First Man. She's a credible candidate, if she draws sufficient primary wins 'because she's a woman, and it's time', well, so be it. You just can't help wondering if Bernie really could be an agent of change, if enough money is drawn to his campaign to thwart the 'let's elect a female' and support the 'we already did the Clinton thing' messages. Mr. Sanders has been on the front lines against the 'machine' and there's a chance some Tea Party voters could even rise to rebel against the same ol' same ol' Republican they'll put up. '

Comment Re:Politics? (Score 1) 106

Perhaps the recent Congress shift to the wrong (since they're a federally funded organization) has been dabbling in the "We don't want this kind of scientific stuff going on on in OUR country, Kids will start believing that all oil all the time isn't sustainable oh my! And that Jesus riding a dinosaur isn't the way our " made it in a week universe" works.

Comment Re:Why don't they know? (Score 0) 87

What y'all are missing is the suppliers know exactly what the fluorocarbons are when formulating, what the unkown is, that is exhautive to test for, is that in a fire, all sorts of other compounds may be present, and ...they're on fire! Hence, lots of transformation may take place that are redonculously difficult to predict. Get over it. Most of the compounds get flushed out if the firefighters drink enough beer.

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