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Comment Re:Easy solution, albeit a 'free market' one... (Score 1) 84

Out of curiosity, were those additional apps from Samsung and/or your provider? I suspect that there may be a big difference between being for example an AT&T customer with an AT&T branded device of brand X in the US versus the same in Europe, not to mention a stock OS device. For the record, despite being a sucker for the latest shiny piece of tech I have for some time now given up entirely on Smartphones. I value my privacy too much to bother with the to me minor added value they bring to me. And nope I have no neck beard. Yet!

Comment Re:That's Apple (Score 1) 78

Wow nice way of ignoring the second part of my post where I write that Apple were informed by the researchers 6 months ago. so at a minimum this is how long they have been aware of it but left it unpatched since then. And when Apple were informed they asked the researchers to wait 6 months before going public, which they did! Ignoring an issue doesn't make it go away.
And seriously. How many of the apps you bought do you actually need? My bet, not as many you might believe

Comment Re:That's Apple (Score 1) 78

users, who, in most instances, could do fuck all with that knowledge, anyway.

It is not that bloody hard to switch to another platform in the case of an OS flaw, or hardware vendor in the case of something like the Samsung keyboard hack. A hassle? Yes. But certainly not a case where a user "could do fuck all" at least now iOS and Samsung users can make an informed decision whether to take the risk of sticking with their device or move elsewhere.

On the other hand, there are other people who could make use of that knowledge, and that's who you want to keep in the dark

Which is why responsible researchers wait for a reasonable time before releasing their findings to the public, in this case they waited the 6 months requested from them by Apple.

Comment Re:The UK doesn't have freedom of speech (Score 3, Informative) 316

but free speech itself is still alive and well

Not as well as it used to be, and if corporations continue having the influence over lawmakers they have today things are going to get much worse before getting better. For an example look into the so called food libel lawsfood libel laws and for examples of how these laws effectively have made people cautious to the extreme in bringing forward even the most modest of criticisms, watch the documentary Food, Inc.

Submission + - Big Data Knows When You Are About to Quit Your Job writes: Quentin Hardy reports at the NYT that a leading maker of cloud-based software for running corporate human resources and financial operations has announced new products that provide the kind of data analysis that Netflix uses to recommend movies, LinkedIn has to suggest people you might know, or Facebook needs to put a likely ad in front of you. One version of the software, called Insight Applications, predicts which high-performing employees are likely to leave a company in the next year; it then offers possible actions (more money, new job) that might make them stay. In another instance, expense reporting software can predict which employee populations are most likely to exceed their budgets. “We’ve applied machine learning to affect consumer tastes,” says Mohammad Sabah, director of data science at Workday. “putting it to career choices, to pay and employment, have a huge upside if we do it right.” Already, Sabah says, “we’re surprised how accurately we can predict someone will leave a job.” The goal is to predict future business outcomes to take advantage of opportunities and cut risk levels. One future product may be the ability to predict who will and won’t make their sales quotas, and suggest who should be hired to improve the outcome. “Making an employee happy, improving the efficiency of a company these are hard problems that affect corporations.

Comment Capable of infecting non-jailbroken devices (Score 1) 1

What the submitter missed mentioning is that this is the first known malware found in the wild that is capable of installing 3rd party applications on iOS devices that have not been jailbroken. The path of infection is that a user install trojanized software on a machine running OSX then connects an iOS device to the computer with USB.
In the last half year 467 OS X applications on a third party Mac application store have been trojanized and downloaded over 356,104 times, how many iOS devices that have been infected through these is any ones guess.

Original source: http://researchcenter.paloalto...

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