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Journal Journal: Buran...

... It means snowstorm in russian and it looks like the wonderful world of winter might actually force me to sleep at the office tonight. I could even venture so far as to say: Snow is white crap. Right this minute I am actually very close to being "17% more sad".
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Journal Journal: Suggestion

Tired of DRM, Sony, crippled TiVos, etc?
Go buy a book... NOW!
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Journal Journal: Long coffee

I just discovered something everybody else knows: When your boss is going from office to office yelling at the top of his lungs about an issue you know nothing about, it's time to get up and go get a coffee... The kind that's sold really far away and takes about half an hour to get. Thank you Steeve!
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Journal Journal: So cold....

Ok, so I'm wearing my coat inside because I'm so incredibely cold. I think I'm starting the flu. But must conserve energy, MUST be able to attend Serenity premiere! Where the hell is chicken soup when you need it?!
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Journal Journal: Money and the like

So... Here I am at a new (and less boring) job and today I got my very first pay for those new things I have to do. I only have one thing to say : "I'm rich!! RICH I TELL YOU!". Fells good to be over paid for once
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Journal Journal: Let's see...

OK so: Today I'm basically paid to sit quietly in front of a screen doing absolutely nothing. That is why I ended up here, might as well try this journal thing and see if I can write about how boring my stupid day is. I'm not really sure how this is supposed to work so if anybody ever reads this... Well I guess you'll be wasting as much of your time then as I am now.

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