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Journal Journal: Sarkis Gatsby Online 3

My home page is It's always been under construction, never really going anywhere. I pretty much design a site, update it for a week, and forget about it. So this time around, I'm just going to drop the whole blog/personal site thing. Since the domain doesn't actually have my name in it (Sean Gibat Online is what it stands for), I can use it for deceit and trickery. Woot.

From now on, the site is going to be Sarkis Gatsby Online. It's still going to be a blog/personal site, but for a completely fictional character. I'm thinking this is going to be a character who is in the 50 year old range. He's been through a lot of stuff and has a lot of life experience. As much as possible, I'm going to try and bring up past experiences (e.g. About 15 years ago, trekking through the Sahara Desert... blah blah, moral of the story). I've put up a temporary page. The picture there now is of some random fellow I found on google.

You might think that this is going to require as much work as a real blog or even more. I've got a plan though - since it's completely fictional, I can just give me friends the name/password to the news script and let them make updates as well.

If I even get a moderate crowd, perhaps I'll add an "Ask Sarkis" page.


Journal Journal: What's going on? 5

Let's see..

School. The semester is nearly over for me. I can't wait until next semester, where I pretty much have no difficult classes.

Snow! Jesus Christ - I love snow. Aaahh. It makes me happy just thinking about it. I can't wait to get out into the slopes for the first time this year on Sunday. Those of you who've never been skiing - try it out. It's difficult to like at first, because you fall down a lot, which isn't really that fun. The more you ski, though, the more fun it gets. When I started skiing, I was in the position that my cousins and childhood youth group took trips every once and awhile. So I really didn't have to have any initiative to go, and soon became addicted. To me, nothing is more fun than trying out a new slope that's beyond my skill level and flying over a dropoff, almost going out of control through the random moguls, but making it to the end.

I built a new computer about a month and a half ago. 2.53 GHz, 512 MB of PC3200 DDR, GF4 ti4600, the works. It's been good to me. I've been playing a lot more games, obviously..

Music. I've really gotten into Mogwai and Sigur Ros. I think Mogwai may be one of my favorite bands of all time. Check them out. Howard Shore has popped up in my playlist due to the timing.. and, uh .. I admit listening to Enya lately.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Yeash. 1

So one of the latest stories has inspired me to learn PHP in order to write some kind of dynamic script to run my site ( Yep. Well.. uhh..

Anybody that hasn't already heard of Shadowbane should check it out. The graphics aren't as bad as they have been in the past, and things are generally looking up. Unfortunately, I'm not in beta, but I have a friend who is. Sehs it r0xx0rz, he does. He's 1337 like that, but what can I say?

Brief summary of Shadowbane: It's a MMORGP with a heavy focus on PvP. There aren't any restrictions on who you can attack, save in some newbie beginning zones. You can join or create a guild and build a city. The cities are pretty traditional RPG cities: guild hall, houses, churches, barracks, shops, city walls, etc. The fun part is defending your city and taking over other guild's cities. You can form alliances and nations. Pretty damn cool. RTS mixed with MMO.

Of course, it was just delayed to Q1 2003.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Site Is Nearly Complete

I finally got my site set up.

It's not much at the moment. I'll probably put a bio on or something, as well as my portfolio. Perhaps programs I make.

For some reason, the subdomain hasn't taken effect yet.

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