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Comment Re:Expect more of this (Score 1) 264

Given that the current two candidates are basically unappointable [1], third party candidates should be looked at more seriously.

The promise of pardoning heroic men like Snowden and Manning can be a major point for some voters.

[1] Insofar as any US citizen would have to be batshit insane to vote for either of them.

Manning would be crushed to be let out of prison. He's in buttsex paradise

Comment ST is dead (Score 1) 106

ST is dead.Each series has gotten further and further away from the original core concepts, and New Trek is a pile of flashy, pretty turds. The political correctness got too excruciating back in the days of Voyager. I will not be watching the next series. The franchise needs to be left dead. But as long as there's money to be made, CBS will crank out more crap, and further dilute something that was once the greatest ever.

Comment My network, my rules (Score 1) 39

Just throwing this out there: The Internet isn't a monolithic thing. It's a collection of small networks. Must I carry all traffic? Does that include spam? Obviously, also one man's trash is another man's treasure and nowhere is that more true than in speech. You have the right to speak. You do NOT have the right to be heard.

Comment The song of the Lotus-Eaters (Score 4, Insightful) 503

In a society as described (with essentially unlimited resources and energy) what will you do about the population explosion? Without warp drive to get to other star systems we'd end up like the Moties. Another Crazy Eddie utopia, not well thought out. Also, I doubt the vast majority of people would suddenly fulfill their potential and become rock star artists & scientists, achieving Great Things. Some would, but most will just partake of all that instantly available everything and disappear into the Holodeck, which presumably is also free. That future is more like Wall-E.

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