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Comment Re:Politics make strange bedfellows (Score 1) 103

Yeah, this seems to be the excuse that supporters of a certain candidate they like.

A leader isn't one who exclusively follows polls. A leader is one who sees what is right, and gets the polls to follow them.

Example: Where was Hillary on gay marriage? Following the pack until the polls shifted, then she ran out front and claimed she was always there, when in reality she was one of the last Democrats to get on board. Even Obama beat her to that one, and he was outed by Biden.

Comment Re:Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 1) 350

Yeah I felt bad for my treatment of Bernie supporters after seeing that video. I'm a right-winger but believed in the general validity of Bernie's "revolution" before the Chicago riot. That Bernie was pretty much honest and his supporters saw the same problems I did but just had wrong, misguided solutions. And after the riots I said "fuck these people." Hillary's deception absolutely worked on me. I blamed Bernie's people for the riots she paid for.

Comment Re:Anti-Secrecy Organization?! (Score 1) 314

Hillary got full questions from CNN and topics from Fox. When one side gets questions ahead of time and the other does not, that's rigged. Even if all candidates got the questions ahead of time, if the audience was not informed of that, they were deceived.

I know having chatted with you for weeks about this stuff, it won't matter. You have made up your mind that "dems are good" and that's it. I don't think there's anything you won't deny or handwave away. We could have Hillary on tape looking directly into the camera and saying "I'm selling the nuclear launch codes to Iran for $5, so that I may profit that $5, and I don't care if they then nuke everyone, and you all die in nuclear fire" and David Thornley would be right there to say "well that doesn't mean the Iranians will nuke us, and Trump said mean things about women."

Comment Re:Linux Is Still Free (Score 1) 110

Man. That's great.

Where is this free Linux cloud service where I can stand up entire enterprise architectures and applications securely, robustly, with fault tolerance and multi-zone availability? How have I not heard of this service before?

Oh, because it doesn't exist and you couldn't even be bothered to read through the first 4 words of the god damn title, much less the summary.

It's like Pavlov and his dogs - the word Microsoft shows up on this site and people just start hitting submit.

Comment Re:Slashdot Is Full of Idiots Now (Score 0) 263

Don't forget that believing in this science is good, but SCIENCE IS EVIL when it comes to NUCLEAR POWER and GMO FOODS! Fuck THAT science!

Brought to you by cherry-picking facts and information that align with your own narrow-minded beliefs, and hand-waiving everything else away.

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