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Comment Re:If his phone can easily be hacked, (Score 1) 483

At least something that isn't "the Democrat party uber alles." Snowden leaked shit about unconstitutional crimes against the American people. The intel agencies now are leaking shit like "Trump was mean to the president of Mexico or Australia" and "Trump likes to wear a bathrobe!" These aren't people who are breaking their employment contracts/clearances/oaths for deep moral purpose and duty to the Constitution, but just for lame politics. Cheap whores who need to be identified and purged or prosecuted quickly.

Comment Re:If his phone can easily be hacked, (Score 1) 483

Given everything that happened during the leadup to the election, just what could one possibly blackmail Trump with which would cause outcry among his supporters?

It turns out he loves Mexican rapists, doesn't really like pussy, and is planning to move the entire populations of Syria, Iraq, and Somalia into American white suburban neighborhoods?

Comment Re:If his phone can easily be hacked, (Score 1) 483

Given how leaky the government has been, I think I trust Trump's private security more than the government investigators.

I agree with you, I'd like the phone and everything around the President secure, but the government's been a sieve. Let's get that government squared away first with the leakers prosecuted/purged, and then secure the President's devices.

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 1) 890

A) I doubt you've ever spent any time talking to Muslim immigrants in this country. Saying they cant move beyond primitive religious practices ( or have any desire to engage in such) is like saying Christians cant but then our Christian based western societies have.

I've argued theology for many many hours with American muslims. That and reading the Koran and the Sunnah are how I've come to understand their individual and group behavior so well.

Their individual desires are not particularly relevant because the systems of group control (death for apostasy, etc) are so strong in Islam. Much stronger than in Christianity.

But "wait!" you're bound to say, the fact that they havent moved beyond is proof beyond all doubt of their degenerecy! Except it's not. Behavior like this is a function of wealth or the lack thereof. The poorer a society the more prone they are to engage in religious radicalism.

Saudi Arabia is wealthy as fuck. They still behead gays, support terrorism and are spreading Wahabbi extremism throughout the world. In the absence of oil wealth they'd still be poor goatfuckers because their behavior results in poverty and goatfucking. You have cause and effect think wealth results in behavior when in fact behavior translates into wealth. Same thing in American inner cities. It's not the poverty that creates the crime it's the crime that creates th poverty.

It would be fine if when the muslims fled the shithole countries they stopped following the beliefs and behaviors that made their home countries shitholes, but they don't. We took some former Nazis after WWII, but we didn't let them keep their Nazi ideology, put their kids in Nazi school, read them their Nazi books, have everybody get together for Nazi meetings where they get Nazi lessons from the Nazi teacher and then never ever criticize their Nazism and shout down as an evil Naziphobe anyone who thinks maybe this is all a bad idea. If we had done that, it's pretty likely their kids would grow up and think "ya know, there's a lot more of us Nazis here now...exterminaten das juden, eh?!" But that's what we do with muslims. It will not work out well, but when the civil wars start in France (15% of teens are muslim), in Germany (40% of kids are of "immigrant backgrounds") in a decade or two just like in Lebanon I expect you to say "gosh, who could have ever seen this coming!"

B) As for Ukraine, there's no proof of US involvement. There were however elections that were held a bit later that garnered 60 percent of the population where no pro Russia candidate showed any impressive standings. This certainly suggests a wide spread distaste for the prior government.

Yeah there is, we have leaked documents from Soros-backed NGOs that show collusion with the State department, which is basically C&C for the CIA. It's all plausible deniability...part of the same many-headed monster. "Oh, we didn't do this, it was these non-profit humanitarian groups that we just happen to converse with and trade intelligence with and they just helped express the will of the people as dictated to the people by mass media outlets who happen to be owned by the same conglomerates that donate massive amounts of money to these same NGOs and political campaigns."

Ukraine was in trouble and about to roped into the western/EU/IMF/World Bank austerity debt slavery trap, instead they elected a populist leader who thought they could develop a working economy with the ascendant Russia instead of the failing EU. But the bankers can't let their precious precious debt slaves get away, so we get a coup, and then an "election" after the pro-Russian Crimeans are already gone. The western media tells you it's all about "muh democracy" and "le ebil Putin" and you believe this. Sucks for the Ukrainians, though. They went from being slaves to the Soviet Union to slaves or the European Union.

At least the Crimeans got away. They will not be going back to Ukraine, so keeping the sanctions is pointless. Sucks the way it happened, but, well, the west shouldn't have overthrown the Ukrainian government in search of more and ever more debt slaves.

Comment Re:I got a probe for ya.... (Score 0) 483

What, you don't think it's a good use of our elected representatives time to hold highly partisan hearings on what model phone that the President tweets with?

Because I'm sure that's the only device he has with him ever, and never does he have an aide standing by that holds onto whatever phone the Government issued him.

This is the same kind of bullshit the Republicans kept trying for the last 8 years, that Democrats bemoaned. Typical partisan hacks, hacking away instead of actually doing something to make a difference. Like writing legislation to fix problems, or listening to your constituents.

Comment Re:Shade, eh? (Score 1) 118

Nope, that's not me. I have a problem wherever marketing's insatiable need for bigger numbers trumps actual engineering and common sense. Much like when Intel just kept deepening the pipeline on Pentium 4 in order to ramp clock speed, even though they were making a worse CPU due to branch prediction misses. Because Mhz sells.

Apple is making these mistakes right now, but screen resolution isn't one of them. 4K resolution makes a difference on a 27" panel and above, not so much at 15" WQXGA or on the 350+ DPI phones we already have. It's all marketing if the pixels are already small enough that you can't discern them without holding it an inch from your face. Why do they need to be smaller and more numerous, creating additional load for the hardware (read: shorter battery life, less frames per second) just to check a box on the misguided marketing requirements document?

Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 1) 903

Again, I suggest you offer us a quote from "the headline and first paragraph" that establishes that Pewdiepie is an anti-Semite.

Is "establishes" different than "states?" How does one "establish" that one is an anti-Semite who does not come out and explicitly state that they're an anti-Semite? Would you perhaps do it by accusing them of making anti-Semitic statements? After all, that's among the things anti-Semites do, right?

You've called Trump a racist plenty of times. Has Trump ever stated "I am a racist?" No, you accuse of him of making racist statements, which thereby establishes he's a racist.

I challenge you to offer a quote from the "headline and first paragraph" that does anything like that.

Emphasis mine. Okay, so "anything like that." Here you go:

"Disney Severs Ties With YouTube Star PewDiePie After Anti-Semitic Posts."

Emphasis mine. This is the headline from the story. Saying that someone made anti-semitic posts would be included in "anything like" establishing someone as an anti-Semite, would it not?

So do I win the challenge?

Ultimately, though, the challenge is pointless. You're arguing over technicalities, and technicalities are meaningless compared to narrative. Forests, trees, that kind of thing. You will be drowned by a flood of right-wing culture that is substantially correct while panicking over irrelevant technical details.

The fact that the WSJ didn't explicitly state "PewDiePIe is a nazi" is irrelevant compared to the truth of the overarching narrative: The WSJ unfairly portrayed PewDiePie as a nazi and you and left-wing bullies like J.K. Rowling love it.

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