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Journal Journal: How do other geeks stay organized?

For the last few years now, I've been using a PocketPC to keep myself organized. I used my iPaq 2215 for everything while at school, even surfing the web with a mobile CF card. Lately though, I bought a laptop and it has replaced the majority of my PocketPC's functions. Now, the only thing I really need my iPaq for is for a calendar, contact information, and occasionally maps. I use it less and less often all the time and it seems silly to hold onto such an expensive piece of hardware just for that. I also don't like carrying too much stuff and the pocketPC is bulky and fragile.

I've looked at upgrading my cell phone to something more sophisticated to synchronize with my Outlook contacts, but there's a problem with user input. Putting contact information into a cell phone is slow, clunky, and painful. What will I do if I can't get down the info quick enough when the tall beautiful women at the night clubs give me their names and phone numbers (yeah, right..). Seriously though, I find entering names, phone numbers, and dates extremely awkward with a telephone keypad.

I've looked at "SmartPhones" but let's be honest. They are expensive, bulky, and are sort of like hide-a-beds; it can be a phone and it can be a pocket pc, but it does a poor job of both.

I've also considered picking up a cheaper Palm. They're generally smaller than PocketPCs, but then I'd have to learn Graffiti, and in terms of reducing the bulk I'm carrying, it isn't much better.

Does anyone have any suggestions? How do you guys keep track of your contacts?

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