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Submission + - SPAM: New House coalition fights rise in government surveillance

schwit1 writes: An unusual coalition of 13 Republicans and 12 Democrats on Wednesday announced the creation of the House Fourth Amendment Caucus to protect Americans' privacy rights against calls for increased government surveillance in the wake of terrorist attacks.

The group named itself after the Fourth Amendment because the lawmakers fear that the government is increasingly seeking the power to search Americans' electronic data without a warrant. They see that as a threat to the Constitutional amendment's protections against unreasonable searches and seizures.

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Submission + - SPAM: Viacom in Talks to Sell Paramount Pictures Stake to Chinese Group

schwit1 writes: Viacom Inc. executives are pressing ahead with plans to sell a stake in the Paramount Pictures movie studio despite resistance from controlling shareholder Sumner Redstone, potentially inflaming an already incendiary boardroom battle at the media giant.

China’s Dalian Wanda Group Co. is in talks with Viacom about buying 49% of the studio, according to people familiar with the discussions.

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Submission + - Windows Store apps do not launch on Windows 10 having multiple user accounts (

An anonymous reader writes: Windows 10 user, especially those who may have bought new devices have been reporting that their Windows Store apps do not launch or open. This issue is being specifically noticed on those Windows 10 installations that have multiple User Accounts created. Among others who are facing this issue are some Windows Insiders as well as those who have not installed some Cumulative Updates

Submission + - Vaccines made from aborted fetal cells (

Taco Cowboy writes: It has been an open secret that aborted human fetal tissue have been used in the production of vaccines

Traces of DNA from this tissue can persist in the final product and the DNA can include both genetic damage and markers of autism

"It is possible that these contaminating fragments could be incorporated into a child's genome and disrupt normal gene function, leading to autistic phenotypes," wrote Dr. Deisher in a paper titled "Spontaneous Integration of Human DNA Fragments into Host Genome"

With over 19 years of experience in biotechnology and vaccine development, Dr. Deisher knows what she's talking about when it comes to vaccine science

Dr. Deisher is anything but the mindless anti-vaccine caricature so often mocked by the skeptics crowd. Her extensive research into the matter clearly proves otherwise, showing that aborted human fetal cells are highly problematic both in terms of brain development and normal cellular function. Not only do vaccines made from these cell lines pose an autism risk, but they also increase one's risk of cancer

Specifically with regard to MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), varicella (chickenpox) and hepatitis A vaccines, a statistical analysis compiled by Dr. Deisher reveals that vaccines made from human fetal cell lines

"Not only are the human fetal contaminated vaccines associated with autistic disorder throughout the world, but also with epidemic childhood leukemia and lymphomas," she added

Not surprisingly, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has known for decades that aborted human fetal cell DNA causes genetic mutations in humans when injected via vaccines. But the agency, which is supposed to be looking out for human health, has done nothing to withdraw these deadly jabs from the market

n fact, when the agency came to the realization that such DNA is deadly to humans, it decided to regulate it rather than ban it. Legally speaking, the maximum amount of residual fetal cell fragments allowed in vaccines is 10 nanograms, according to the FDA, and the agency admits that even this amount is harmful

Dr. Deisher's research, however, revealed that some vaccines currently on the market contain much more than this. She wrote that fetal DNA levels ranged from 142 ng to upwards of 2,000 ng per dose, or as much as 200 times the legal limit!

"The MMR II and chickenpox vaccines and indeed all vaccines that were propagated or manufactured using the fetal cell line WI-38 are contaminated with [HERV, or human endogenous retrovirus]" wrote Dr. Deisher, noting that this retrovirus is associated with causing childhood lymphoma

Submission + - Why BART is Falling Apart writes: Matthias Gafni writes in the San Jose Mercury News that the engineers who built BART, the rapid transit system serving the San Francisco Bay Area that started operation in 1972, used principles developed for the aerospace industry rather than tried-and-true rail standards. And that's the trouble. "Back when BART was created, (the designers) were absolutely determined to establish a new product, and they intended to export it around the world," says Rod Diridon. "They may have gotten a little ahead of themselves using new technology. Although it worked, it was extremely complex for the time period, and they never did export the equipment because it was so difficult for other countries to install and maintain." The Space Age innovations have made it more challenging for the transit agency to maintain the BART system from the beginning. Plus, the aging system was designed to move 100,000 people per week and now carries 430,000 a day, so the loss of even a single car gets magnified with crowded commutes, delays and bus bridges. For example, rather than stick to the standard rail track width of 4 feet, 8.5 inches, BART engineers debuted a 5-foot, 6-inch width track, a gauge that remains to this day almost exclusive to the system. Industry experts say the unique track width necessitates custom-made wheel sets, brake assemblies and track repair vehicles.

Another problem is the dearth of readily available replacement parts for BART's one-of-a-kind systems. Maintenance crews often scavenge parts from old, out-of-service cars to avoid lengthy waits for orders to come in; sometimes mechanics are forced to manufacture the equipment themselves. "Imagine a computer produced in 1972," says David Hardt. "No one is supporting that old equipment any longer, but those same microprocessors are what we have controlling our logic systems." Right now BART needs 100 thyristors at a total cost of $100,000. BART engineers said it could take 22 weeks to ship them to the San Francisco Bay Area to replace in BART’s "C" cars, which make up the older cars in the fleet. Right now, the agency has none. Nick Josefowitz says it makes no sense to dwell on design decisions made a half-century ago. "I think we need to use what we have today and build off that, rather than fantasize what could have been done in the past. The BART system was state of the art when it was built, and now it's technologically obsolete and coming to the end of its useful life."

Submission + - Law Enforcement Investigators Seek Out Private DNA Databases (

An anonymous reader writes: Private companies are now receiving demands for genetic information in their DNA databases from law enforcement. and 23andme report a total of five requests from law agencies for the genetic material of six individuals in their growing databases of hundreds of thousands of individuals. For example, sent data belonging to a person being investigated for the murder and rape of an 18-year-old woman in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The other four court orders belonged to 23andme, which was able to persuade investigators to withdraw the requests. Even though these requests are considered rare, many experts in the field are concerned DNA turned over for medical, family history research or other highly personal reasons could be misused by investigators, and that this could be the start of a trend.

Submission + - Tycoons plan base on moon by 2026 (

schwit1 writes: Humans could be living on the moon within a decade for a total cost of just £6.5bn, a fraction of what it cost to get there originally, say a group of Silicon Valley billionaires and Nasa scientists.

They have pinpointed the most desirable area on the moon, which receives the maximum amount of sunlight. This means that the site, beside Peary crater at the lunar north pole, is ideal for generating the solar power vital for any such base.

The scientists are planning a base holding up to 10 people who would use solar panels to exploit the rich deposits of water and minerals also found around the crater, which add to its value.

Comment Re:Forbes blocks browsers... and... this is absurd (Score 2) 330

The stars call to us through the ages, with each and every one holding the promise of a future for humanity beyond Earth

No. They don't. Humans evolved to live here, on Planet Earth. Not on our own star, or on any other star, and humanity's future is right here where we have an entire planet we were built for... not on a foreign star.

How CRAZY would we think it of MONKEYS who want to live underwater?

Ever heard of a SEA monkey?!

Comment Re: Key question (Score 1) 276

A great deal like Mexicans unfortunately. Their system of government is riddled with corruption & nepotism while the people suffer high taxes and bad diets (diabetes kills a good %). Each atoll has their own monarchy with the federal stuff handled in Majuro. They get enough money from the US to make some real improvements but, funds that doesn't slip into someone's pocket seem to be used ineffectively.
So while your statement was in jest, you are quite correct in many respects.

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