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User Journal

Journal Journal: Don't post in political threads either...

If you have an opinion and even if you can back it up, there's always going to be some asshat with mod points who doesn't agree, and mods you down, even if your post is completely on topic and addresses a completely valid point.
I don't know why I bother anymore, really... it's not like any of these people are going to suddenly change their minds because of something I say, no matter how concrete the evidence I have to back it up and no matter how logical the statement.
People are, and always will be, idiots.

User Journal

Journal Journal: never moderate politically biased posts...

You can't win... if you moderate a post by someone who's obviously baiting people by attacking one political view (doesn't matter if it's liberals or conservatives), chances are it'll be metamoderated by someone who a) agrees with the post or b) disagrees with your moderation or c) due to political ignorance doesn't understand that the post was meant as flamebait - and in both cases because of their political bias and/or ignorance, metamoderates your moderation as unfair.

Happened to me... I know.
People are stupid. No way around it. In the meantime, my karma takes a hit.

Thus, I will not moderate any politically charged posts again, no matter how Coulter-like the post may be. Therefore, in the end, Slashdot suffers because of a select few pinheads.

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