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Comment Re:This is stupid. (Score 1) 670

As an engineer, it is not necessary for you to know how to weld. It does make you a better ME to know how to weld in the design process. But why is it so hard for an engineer to ask a person who is a tech (like a person who is in welding, repair, assmebly, etc.) how they would do something. I have seen software engineers ask managers what to have in a program but not ask the actual end users what they would want. The people who use the software day in, day out who then found it unusable. Or an engineer who did not bother to find out about older designs. He did not know that he was working on designing something that had been done a few years before, and therefore doing redundant work.

It is great that you know how to weld, and can improve your designs as a result. Did you ever think to also maybe ask a person who is a welder with say 10 to 20 years experience how they would weld it? If you would not ask, why?

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