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Comment Re:"while operating a taxicab" (Score 2) 264

*Not that it's really worked; the market will find a way. In this case with non-livery cars that you call and they pick you up. Legally only actual taxis can respond to street hails.

Some related info... as of April 2012 the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission decided to open up street hails and beginning in July issuing 6000 permits to existing vehicles. Eventually, 18000 such TLC permits will be extended to for hire vehicles.

It's currently tied up in a lawsuit, and permits are not being issued, but expect it to go into effect and some of the 40k+ for-hire vehicles will be able to legally take street hails.

Comment Re:No mention of VGA Planets? (Score 1) 186

Yes, but the thought of grinding skills for hours on end on a MUD doesn't seem quite
as entertaining now that I don't have a thesis to write :)

I'll never forget writing elaborate tinyfugue scripts to grind skills and finally being newted
by Ogma when he noticed that my character gave the same ack on his entry (random, but
it kept track of who entered and didn't re-ack unless a few minutes had passed).

Submission + - Verizon to double ETFs on FiOS TV contracts (

wkurzius writes: Despite the FCC breathing down their necks about Early Termination Fees for their wireless contracts, Verizon is doubling them on their FiOS contracts: $179 to $360. On top of that they are also raising the price of their services another $10 to $20 a month.

Comment Rethink it, then point him at Scratch or Bootstrap (Score 1) 799

Stop; don't do it. Your love of programming doesn't automatically make you a good teacher and layering inexperience on the ingrained patterns of behaviour between brothers will be a problem. Next assess if you want him to learn or if he wants to learn. If it's the first, consider that strike three.

Now, assuming he actually wants to learn and approached you for advice, start him with something fun like Bootstrap,, based on Scheme, or Scratch,, based on Smalltalk. He'll learn fundamentals in a well-designed language and have a community of educators and students to interact with.

Comment Re:Missed the best feature! (Score 1) 367

The secret is that the people who say that Emacs is more an operating system than a text editor are right. It's a Lisp environment where anything and everything can me modified while the system is running.

The point is that it's not an operating system or a text editor. It is, paraphrasing Alan Kay, a construction material, designed for building things that work with text.


Submission + - World's "fastest" LISP-based web server re 2

Cougem writes: "John Fremlin has released what he believes to be the worlds fastest webserver for small dynamic content, teepeedee2. It is written entirely in LISP, the world's second oldest high-level programming language. He recently gave a talk at the Tokyo Linux Users Group, with benchmarks, which he says demonstrate that "functional programming languages can beat C". Imagine a small alternative to Ruby on rails, supporting the development of any web application, but much faster."

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