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Submission + - Microsoft sales decline 6% from a year ago (

TechCombo writes: "Microsoft report sales have fallen by 6% for the quarter that ended on the 31st March. Software giant, Microsoft, said that their monetary third-quarter sales were around $13.65 billion. However, in comparison to last year, they are down by an astonishing 6%, which meant they turned over $14.45 billion. According to Reuters Estimates. many people had orignally been predicting that Microsoft would of gotten around $14.15 billion, giving shares of 39 cents, which before were marked at 47 cents..."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Ubuntu 9.04 Review (

TechCombo writes: "Ubuntu sponsors, Canonical , announce the release of Ubuntu 9.04 destop version that can be downloaded for free now! Ubuntu is an open source operating system with the intention of supplying an up-to-date, stable operating system for the normal computer user. In addition to stablility Ubuntu try to target ease of use and installation. Ubuntu can be used on almost anything including Desktops, Business PC's, Notebooks and many others that are able to support x86 CPU or ARM CPUs, this has only been adapted in the 9.04 version. One remarkable feature introduced in this ubuntu version, which is very good for those of who have bad graphics cards, which is Compiz Fusion 3D desktop. Analysts say this has downgraded Vistas credability as it shows you do not need an expensive graphics card to have a good time with graphics..."

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