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Journal Journal: I can disable advertising?

I just noticed a checkbox that allows me to disable advertising, because I've made positive contributions to the site. Thanks Slashdot for an interesting feature. I understand the concept of advertising, though, so I'm choosing to not disable the ads. The way I see it, the ads are a cost for my use of slashdot without paying money. I'll choose the pay the cost my way, because it's cheaper than not being a cheapskate.
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Journal Journal: Just a link or two

Yeah, I like to test how well I can manipulate the search engines with links. That's why I'm linking to 21 Daily Surf with some different terms, like autosurf money and do not read.

Does this sort of use of the journal feature bug you? Hey, I'm not actually using this journal for anything. Playing with search engines is all I plan on doing with my journal, so if you're reading this in the first place, you probably shouldn't be. Want to read what I really have to say? Check out Lockjaw's Lair.

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Journal Journal: telefantabulouswinky

Stuff I've been doing lately, in no particular order

Lockjaw's Lair. This is my blog. This is where I write stuff ALL THE TIME on lots of different subjects. Read it if you want. Don't if you don't. No biggie.

Royal Mobile Home Roofing. I designed this website to be easy to navigate, simple, visible, and with the proper keywords to respond to searches.

Jonesboro Heights Baptist Church is my home church. I'm working on a new website for this one, based on postnuke. I'm also working on a separate site for the youth group.

Shae's Way Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry and Crafts is my wife's page. She makes really nice polymer clay jewelry. Check it out.

I'll post again, one day soon.

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