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Comment I was in the same situation a year ago (Score 0) 254

Was finishing my masters thesis, and had a Phd in molecular biology comming up. Was really tired of having piles of articles lying around, and needed some way to organize everything and search through it, so I spend quite some time researching the eBook market. In the end, I came to the conclusion that if you want a full time PDF reader for scientific articles, you had to go with one of the larger (~9") eBooks. Also, their PDF capabilities were somewhat dodgy compared to what you were used to at minimum on the computer.
But rumors were rumors, and Apple had something up its sleeve, so I waited out for the iPad announcement, and bought it right away when it was released. Can't beat the speed and in my case color since I work in a biology lab, so that pictures in articles often are in color.

I now use Papers2 from on both the Mac and iPad, and it is *awesome*. Papers2 on the iPad lets you search the PDF for content, metadata (Authors, abstracts, journal, year, etc.) but also let you search major databases directly. It then synchronizes with Papers2 on the Mac, which works basically like iTunes for your scientific articles. And you'd be surprised how effective that can be.
Check it out, it is awesome. In my lab three more people have now bought an iPad with Papers2 due to how efficiently it works, and one even switched to Mac, heh. Papers2 still have some glaring bugs, due to a ground up rewrite from Papers 1, but the devs are very responsive and helpful.

Phew, what a sales speech! :P

Comment Just took a course at the university... (Score 0) 409

...On developmental biology and stem cells. My teacher is currently doing research on stem cells, and has been doing this for several years, so she is quite into the whole subject.

Anyway, we discussed this particular matter into detail, and her verdict (And ours after listening to her) was very clear: It is a waste of money.

There are much more pontential (And it is cheaper) to use somatic stem cells, or just by doing nuclear transfer from a somatic cell to a donor egg, you can get pluripotent stemcells this way.

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