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Journal Journal: The Weight of the Gods

I've got a funny means of being motivated, that is, that when I see a need pressed upon me, I fill it. It sucks in many respects, as I've often wished I could blow something off, but I cannot morally allow that to happen. This is making me nervous these days, as my job wants more and more out of me.

Furthermore, I would even go so far as to say that I like each and every single person with whom I work as a teammate with now. That's huge. Things have gotten to the point where everyone is being mature, everyone respects each other, and perhaps most importantly, those who aren't contributing or who stamp out the passion of their coworkers are no longer problems. It's a truly team oriented environment.

However we can't escape from all of the problems that have plagued us so easily, as problems that aren't related to people have been inherited by my team. We're working to surmount those problems by drastic decisive action. Honestly I'm not sure that's enough.

By hook, crook, or flat out bullshit I've been convinced that I'm a "thought leader". This is a dangerous position once you're willing to acknowledge its validity, as one now not only need be careful in how one expresses oneself based on how it reflects on oneself, but the group one represents. Additionally, expressing oneself freely to said group is no longer communication but is molding memes for the group. That's alot of weight.

So, I'm a thought leader, and currently I'm on the hook in some respect or another for three different projects, not because I signed up for it, but because people felt there was no other valid choice in these cases.

This whole meandering tirade may be egotistical, or not, but I do feel the weight upon me.

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Journal Journal: Undisciplined Discipline

Today was a funny day. We had a huge quantity of demands piled on us, and for the better part met them. This wasn't without a price, however, people stayed quite late last night and were in early this morning, forgoing their own well being for this project.

Myself, I didn't get lunch until about 3:00pm this afternoon, which slaps me in the face with it's relevance. However, lunch involved going out to drink things which are strictly prohibited for drinking and a much longer lunch break than is conventionally enjoyed by employees here.

Obviously we, (being the individuals who sat down and toughed it out, beyond expectationts of reason, to meet our demands before leaving), have some level of discipline, but then flagrantly disregarded rules which we knew couldn't be enforced properly.

I find it interesting the dichotomy of ruling one's self while breaking any and all rules which can be broken.

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Journal Journal: Stuff

Okay, where to begin? Work is going nuts. Quite honestly I can't imagine what goes on in the minds of management.

SecretAIRate is still on hold.

I wrote a messageboard in Java Servlets. It's not wonderful but it's where my homepage points at and I have plans for it. It's alot easier than an AI application for the time being as well. ;)

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Journal Journal: Work work work...

unfortunately open source software doesn't pay the bills until you actually have it written and geeks consider you to be their own personal savior.

SecretAIRate is on hold for as long as the coding which pays demands 12 hour days and weekends.

But I've not given up!

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Journal Journal: Starting Development

Well yesterday I got down to business and started developing my first piece of Open Source Software. Called SecretAIRate for the time being, I want to make it a very easily usable and modular general purpose utility for e-mail based on Bayesian classification. Having been sketching out the idea in my head for the past couple of months, it felt good to commit something to bytes.

I started off, easily enough, with writing a simple POP3 client that integrates to my modular interface design. The project so far is planned in Java. Why Java? It's quick to write, has excellent networking support, and provides a nice platform for modularizing code. Why POP3? Because I have a POP3 account to test it with. IMAP support will come along at a later date.

Didn't get a chance to test it, but I'm so good I won't need too! Ha ha. ;p More as I develop it.

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Journal Journal: RE: Gentoo Vitriol

People mentioned Red Hat approaching a system much like that used by Gentoo with their adoption of Fedora. Now to me this seemed wrong. Not wrong in any sense other than just inaccurate

Of course, folks on slashdot are glad to get whipped up over everything, but I didn't know I'd be hitting so many nerves when I posted my "rant". I felt there were core differences between Gentoo and Red Hat which could use addressing.

As such I communicated these differences as well as I felt I could, and the response was overwhelmingly: YOU ARE A ZEALOT!

Now, I don't feel Gentoo is a magic sword sent down from heaven to smite evil with. I like it and I find it personally compatible with my own priorities. So did alot of other folks. I've been running it for a while now on a K6-3 400 which I bootstrapped from stage one. Yes, it took well over 24 hours before I had a working system which I'm now using as a development platform. But it's a system optimized for my processor, an admittedly minor gain. However I feel that benefit will, over time, outweigh the cost incurred in compiling the system from source. I'm still waiting for leaving an update emerge in my crontab to break things horribly, but no such luck yet. It's working nicely thus far.

The system is set up with system configuration tools that make alot of sense and can simplify things, but still leave all the power in my hands. It's what I chose to use, and I tried to articulate why, and what set it apart from Red Hat. Certainly things may change for the worse, or may become better. In that case I can switch again. Furthermore people's largest gripe with Gentoo seems to be that you have to sit around compiling all kinds of source. Compiling source code is an activity which implicitly lends itself to parallelization. While it may not be viable for everyone, I have a large collection of old machines which collect dust. Perhaps leveraging these machines to speed compiles with a Gentoo cluster will be a good solution. Perhaps it is completely implausible. It's something to think about in the back of my mind.

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Journal Journal: Hi

Hi, I'm a dork, this is my journal entry.


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