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Journal Journal: Starship Traders Game Client

Dangit! Slashdot ate my journal entry! I will try again but only half-heartedly until I've got some confidence that this entry won't also disappear into the ether.

I've been working on a game client for Starship Traders. It currently runs only under Linux because I'm too lazy to set up a Windows development machine.

The game is a decendant of Star Trader (the original inspiration for Trade Wars), Czarwars, Tsarwars, and The Last Resort. SST can be played via telnet as well as with a web browser.

The game server can be downloaded from here and will run under Linux only. (that's not going to change any time soon!).

If a few people are interested in playing with the client or porting it to windows, I'll make the source code available when I get some time. It's pure C code using Mesa3D, GLUT, and GLU libraries so should mostly be a matter of fixing the #include's to compile on a Windows box with the above libraries.

Post a comment here or email me at the site or post a comment to STAR TRADER within the Continuum of Chaos game at (I'll get that faster :).

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