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Comment Re:Perish (Score 1) 329

Perhaps "scale" wasn't the best word. I'm not talking about resolution or anything so petty. I'm talking about using the limitations of the iPhone to work out what the actual important content is for your site and then use that as the basis for the site no matter where it's being shown. As a designer, you should be asking yourself "if this isn't important enough to make it to the iPhone version, why have I got it on the "real" version of the site. It's the principle of throwing stuff away until it no longer works, then putting the last thing back in.

A good example is the new Engadget site. It's a little sparse on the iPhone, but it's actually way easier to use than the monstrosity that is now their home page in a desktop browser.

Comment Re:Perish (Score 4, Interesting) 329

Just to nitpick, Vimeo works perfectly on iPhone and, in fact, has an iPhone optimised interface.

As an aside, more people should develop their site to work on an iPhone first, then scale it up. It forces you to decide what it *actually* important on the site. If it isn't needed on iPhone, why is it needed on the full version?

Comment Re:How can it NOT be mandated registration? (Score 4, Insightful) 507

I run a site that has around 130,000-140,000 pageviews/day that is funded off advertising. I would like to move it to a site that, although it probably will never be a "business", might at least be able to cover its costs without advertising. However, I am quite happy to recommend users to adblock if they don't like the ads and have no problem with them using it since I do so myself. The user sets up their browser to request the content they want, if they don't want to request content from ad networks fine, it's none of my business. They agree to nothing when they land on a page and I can have no expectation that they will view ads, though it's great if they do. If I can't come up with a way to monetise the site except through advertising, that's *my* problem.

Comment Re:The way I see it (Score 1) 346

You don't sign a license agreement saying you won't put the engine in another car. Now, you can argue whether or not license agreements are fair or not and you can work your ass off to get the law changed so that you actually own the software you buy instead of just licensing it (good luck with that), but at the minute the law is on Apple's side.

Comment Re:It's ok (Score 3, Insightful) 346

Please explain to me why I am a fool for buying the system that best enables me to do my work? I have, at various times, primarily used Windows, Linux and OSX and, currently, OSX is the system that works best for me. Considering the price differences amount to a couple of hours pay yet the productivity gains amount to more than that every month, wouldn't I be a fool *not* to use it?

Comment Re:God Bless the USA! (Score 1) 420

Hmm, interesting. I would love to see the outrage if the UK tried to close all the roads for a weekend :)

It would also be interesting to see the increase in number of accidents, particularly with everyone having the steering wheel on the wrong side, not to mention the issue with all the headlights shining in oncoming drivers eyes.

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