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Journal Journal: Getting the new machine to boot

Well as I mentioned in my previous post the new machine has a nforce based mobo. Getting this to boot with 2.4 kernels on the Debian netinst CDs was, to say the least, interesting. In order to get this to work I had to disable the onboard NIC in the BIOS. This is OK because I'm using a Intel NIC to install with anyway. So by the time I farked about with ATTs stupid NIC registration stuff and figured this out and did the family duties it was bedtime. So I'll be installing for sure tonight.


Journal Journal: My new computer

So I started building my new machine a Athalon 1800 with the MSI nforce chipset. Things I found out. You can not get on a new ATT cable connection without a working GUI. You need a browser to "register" your connection. Since I did not have a working GUI I could not do the net install I had been planning on. The second thing is that the nforce chipset is *not* supported by the open source X drivers so since I did not have the nforce drivers (As I was planning on downloading them) I could not finish the install. So now I have a borrowed Win laptop to register the connection with and the Nvidia drivers on CD. This means I should be able to finish the install tonight. I'm going to post a review in about a week after it is all up and running.

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