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Journal Journal: Game Network Help

If anyone has any experience in designing content management systems and/or game reviews, please reply to this topic if interested. I have a project I'm currently working on and I may need some help. Thanks.
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Journal Journal: Project Friend Fighter Finished 1

Project Friend Fighter is finally finished! It's been debugged, and I've wrote release notes for it. I'm not really sure if I want to release it to the world right yet though... because I'm getting kind of greedy. To make up for that though, I'm going to write a couple of applications to hand out to the open-source community. But yes, Project Friend Fighter is finally finished and it didn't take as long as I thought it would. I don't know if I will ever make it into a full game, but since the engine itself is completed... it should not be hard if I ever wanted to.

Besides this though, I've been downloading a lot of files via IRC and BitTorrent, working at the movies, and playing with my new phone -- the Motorola v400. I really need to get a data cable for it, so I can install a few applications that does not come with it... such as AIM, and a few games that I miss from my old Samsung phones (x105, e105). I also bought that nice Nyco Airflow mouse. It's really comfortable.

I purchased King of Fighters 98 today for Playstation. I was amazed that I found it brand new -- I've been playing it a good bit. I just reinstalled Icewind Dale also, so I want to get back into that.

Walden Books is awesome. They had the very first manga of Love Hina and BOTH Mega Tokyos. I was surprised.

My Apache webserver is still running great, and I'm getting more traffic than ever on my website... especially since I've reaffiliated with Jinx. Check it out!

Hmm. I guess that's all for now. If you want more updates about me and my life, be sure to check out my blog.
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Journal Journal: Friend Fighter Over. Game Engine Continue...?

Although I have officially decided to cancel my game project, codenamed Friend Fighter, I have made it essential that I have to finish the game engine. It is now at about 6,000 lines of code. I still have awhile to go on it, but I am dedicated to finishing it.

Hopefully I'll get done within the next few months so I can begin working on some software -- preferably for Linux.

For more information about the game engine I am writing, read my last journal post.

Journal Journal: Friend Fighter

Friend Fighter, my text-based game that I am programming in Python, has been going great. I'm just that that point where I don't really know where to go with it though. Just recently, I added a currency system. So now, I have three basic variables that stays with you at all times.

Attack Points - Decreases everytime you select a move to fight; increases everytime you win a battle.

Travel Points - Decreases everytime you travel from one area to another; increases when you purchase more, or win certain kinds of tournaments/fights/etc

Currency - Decreases once you purchase things; increases once you sell items.

I don't really know what I want to do with it once I finish it off in Python. I was thinking of going back with some C++, but I'm not too sure how flexible those two languages are together. I've read up on some Jython, and saw how flexible the two would be together, but I don't really know that much Java, and plus, it's not open source. Maybe Sun will take IBM's advice in the future though...

As far as the game is concerned; I'm planning to take it beyond the text-based level in the future with some OpenGL programming. I'm just going to have to spend a lot of time getting that skill down though. Hopefully the game will turn out good in the long run. And besides, it's open-source; so I'm sure the rest of the world can lend a little help here and there...
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Journal Journal: First Entry 1

This is my first journal entry here at SlashDot.

Everything has been going great in my life right now. I have a lovely girlfriend, my game that I am currently programming is going great, and school life is just top notch. Sorry if it seems like I am bragging, but I just felt the world had a right to know that I'm not just another dark-demonic hacker. There are actually brighter ones out there, you just have to know where to look.

I don't really know if I can fall into the category of a whitehat, blackhat, or gray hat... since I seem to bounce around from each. I won't say much more than that, but hacking is my life. It is my life style. It is who I am.

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