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Journal Journal: Juggling christmas dinner, robots, websites and families 4

Having never cooked a christmas dinner before, this year I made my first attempt - being my first year away from my family and as a married man, it seemed right.

Let me warn you- it is the most hectic, stressful meal you will ever cook - your first christmas meal. Make sure you plan well in advance, and search google for stuff like "perfect roast potatoes". It all worked out though.

Unfortunately this left me very little time for keeping my site maintained. Luckily- I would suppose everyone is too busy enjoying festivities to have noticed.

Of course I had to pay a visit to my family, and face the music as this was the first year I was away on christmas day - do this sooner than later - the longer you leave it - the more emotional blackmail you can expect!

My final word is on buying LCD monitors from ebay. Although the odd bad pixel is no big deal - watch out for things like "includes no cables or leads". Let me tell you, the power supplies needed for some of these LCD monitors are a pain to get. Even ones with a standard 12v cigar socket, need more than 4 amps, which will mean purchasing an expensive, and hard to find power supply. Dont buy ANY compaq LCD's - they ALWAYs have funky power connectors - I would love to know anyone here who could give me the pin layout for a compaq tft 5000 monitor power connector. Its a 6 pin din(the same as a PS2 mouse/keyboard connector), and I know that 2 pins are the common ground, 2 pins are 5v(2.5a), and two pins are 12v(2a) - but I am not sure which are 5 and 12 yet.

Anyway - marry festivities - I had a good one- hope you all did too!
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Journal Journal: Weddings, Websites, War and drunken weekends

This week has been a busy week.
Between laughing at Tory Bleaugh and the pitiful evidence brought forward by Mr Colon Piles , I have had time to up my new website Orion Robots and generate a few articals for it. The site is funnily enough running on Slash code, Apache and Mandrake 9.0 for its back end.
I am also about to get married in a week.. And have been working with my best man to arrange a stag do..
So dont expect any coherant postings on sunday morning!
By the way thats Tony Blair and Kolin Powell for the humour impaired!

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