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Comment Re: You mean something awful victim? (Score 1) 511

there is a whole thing about her transition, how she used to do a college comic as a man and then transitioned to a woman, and as a woman admitted that the college comics written by her as a man were in fact her.

even the characters in her game are the same exact characters (she drew them for the comics) in the comic, same name, same style, same characters.

i googled brianna wu college comic and found it


makes a pretty clear cut case that she was a he.

(sorry if i messed up the pronouns or was insensitive and such, it confuses me going back and forth between genders when describing someone.)

Comment Re: Race to the bottom (Score 1) 511

Here's a tip. men also respond better when you take their concerns seriously

My concerns:

1) football

2) bacon

3) a warm place to shit

4) internet porn

I'm good, thanks. I don't need anyone to take my "concerns" seriously. Now excuse me because I have to get back to the Titans-Jaguars game. The commercial's about to end.


Comment no-cost? (Score 1) 79

"Of course, hardcore pirates aren't always easily encouraged to part with their cash, so Spotify needed an equivalent to the no-cost approach of many torrent sites. "
this statement confuses me, if pirates are making money then why would an equivalent be a no-cost?

the answer of course is because pirates don't make money, sharing content isn't about making money but having the content how they want it and usually for free.

Comment Re:Will reboot to fix Windows ever end? (Score 1) 191

this is what fixed the issue when it happened to me on a laptop with win10.

all other suggestions here did nothing, once i tried to reconnect to the wifi AP it would get a self assigned IP address.

funny timing too because i had just upgraded my internet modem and was recreating my wifi AP so i spent some time verifying other devices did not have this problem (one of them was a win 7 desktop).

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