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Journal Journal: Danish Wedding Cookies.

Not certain why called "Danish"
Wedding cookies, or if the
elves that make them are kin
of Legolas but they certainly
are fair fare, with dainty
crunch and powdery trails
betraying your fingers.

Maybe Danish, after Hamlet.
Surely to be would have been
the dilemas answer had he had
the Keebler taste lingering on
his pallet.

Pink box of cookies defeats
blood red wine. White powdered sugar
trumps arsenic.

Why wedding?
Such tastes should be savored all the days of our lives,
and not reserved to marriage feasts.
Perhaps men would not stray if wives
adorned the marriage bed with cookies so light and true.

Forsake not the gathering of the 12oz box into your home!
A staple, confectioners finest craft.
Give me danish wedding cookies first,
peace, love, and happiness last.

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