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Comment Re:Good Products = Success (Score 1) 377

I'm heading to law school shortly, and instead of buying the "recommended" Dell will be purchasing the MacBook Pro.

I was a 1-L last year and bought a new PowerBook for that purpose. Even though it's now "obsolete" I sure don't regret the purchase. I'm not exactly a switcher, as I've always had a PC desktop and a Mac portable, but going back to school prompted me to ditch my desktop and consolidate on the one machine. My next (Intel) Mac will probably get Vista installed too, but it'll be just for fun ... there's nothing I need Windows for anymore.

... that glowing Apple from my monitor will make me instantly visible in class.

Hah! Maybe it'll be different since your school recommends Dell (mine's platform-agnostic) but in my section the year began with about 20% of the class behind glowing apples ... and it was almost 40% by the end of the school year. In a class of 55, only one person bought a new PC laptop, the rest of the new purchases were all Macs.

... if I need to set foot in there for anything other than setting my password the first time I will consider it a major personal failing.

Once my VPN software was installed I had zero contact with the IT folks. Good luck btw!

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