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Comment HP Workhorses... (Score 1) 310

I've been using a HP Laserjet 2100 since about 1999, and I've printed hundreds of thousands of pages. Still going very very strong. I've got friends with 4000 series that are still working very well.

Some of those HP SOHO or Buisness laser printers from the 90s and early 2000s just kept going.

Of course - they cost an arm and a leg. But they were worth it!

Comment Many users are on 10 or 25gig? (Score 4, Informative) 173

10 gig or 25 gig a month? They're the luck users!

Seriously - their most popular plan has a 2gig limit for "only" $40 a month - with excess usage charged at 15c a meg. That's over $2,000 a gig! Both up and down are counted.

People who use bigpond are seriously deluded. Considering rivals offer 130gig a month for $40, no excess usage charges, and only downloads count...

no linux user users bigpond.

Friends don't let friends use bigpond.

Comment can't both be true... (Score 1, Troll) 248

The offer's only problem is that there is no such thing as syncing 3D glasses. They sync automatically."

Both these statements can't be true. If the glasses sync automatically, then there is such a thing as syncing 3D glasses.

The real question is, considering that the glasses sync automatically, should they be advertise this as a service they provide.

Most likely not.

Comment why? (Score 2, Insightful) 189

I'm an Aussie. I love space.

But really - I'm quite happy to let the USA (and other countries) spend the money on space. It needs to be done. It's good it's being done. But for the time being - I'm happy to sit and watch.

Of course - if we think we can make this a commercially sound venture - go for your life.

Comment We dontated ours.... (Score 1) 409

I've never heard of the exact thing you're talking about - I suspect it's a USA only thing.

But we were given the chance to donate the umbilical cord blood to help with research (Stem Cell in particular). And why wouldn't we do it? Helps others, and something we obviously won't be using ourselves. That was 11 months ago.

I suspect what you're talking about is some sort of scheme where a third party stores the blood "just in case" (the same sort of "just in case" as freezing your body when you die) - the hope is that possibly in the future it will help your child - though currently there's no known proven benefits.

If that's the case - may I suggest donating the blood to the appropriate people. That way - we all benefit. And you're not ripped off.


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