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Journal Journal: Windows Recovery Console

Today's laptop recovery brought to you by Windows Recovery Console. Thank you fixboot and fixmbr for making the stupidest problem the simplest to resolve.


Journal Journal: Unix commands

Just found this guy the other day. Use 'sudo !!' to run the last command as sudo. So when I am just typing away and get that permissions error, that's an easy way to rerun the command without hitting up and then correcting the line, or retyping it. It does echo the newly formed line before asking for a password.

Journal Journal: w00t

Drives back, gaming computer up!

Terabyte drive in, backing up servers!
PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: Tech update

2 drives out for RMA, 2/3 storage servers haven't crashed and dad's laptop functional again. Promisingly, the Dell I donated to my parents keeps on chugging. Next: reinstalling Windows Vista and then 7 on top of that so I can have printer drivers(apparently windows 7 doesn't have printer drivers built in but vista does. HPs website says to use the driver that comes with windows and does not offer a download, Brilliant!). Backing up data from storage servers, trying to retrieve data from Video R

Submission + - Deleted Tweets are here to stay ( 1

fudreporter writes: "Delete a Tweet? Not so fast. For your voyeuristic pleasure, allow me to introduce Tweleted. All public Tweets are recoverable, but be sure sure to switch to "Evil" mode first. Be the first on your block to recover that most embarrassing of Tweets..."I think I will take a hike on the Appalachian Trail today." has the full scoop here...

Get past the cheesy name — honestly, this Twitter-izing of words needs to stop — and you'll find Tweleted is an occasionally useful service. Set against clouds on a bright blue background, Tweleted promises to recover any Twitter posts you may have accidentally deleted. A nice feature, but one hardly worth, well, twittering about.

But across the top of the page, there's an option to switch the site into evil mode. Click on it and the blue skies disappear, replaced with the fires of Hell and an ominous message: "Recover embarrassing deleted tweets for fun and profit." Because Tweleted uses publicly available records, the website can recover not only your deleted tweets but also everyone else's. And since Twitter users aren't exactly known for filtering their thoughts, the few things they think twice about should be interesting.

Tweleted raises some larger privacy concerns. When a user deletes a post on Twitter, it disappears from their user profile but not from Twitter's search engine results. Tweleted uses this loophole to dig up its deleted posts. Some Twitter users are crying foul, arguing that when they delete something, it should be gone for good. The company says they're working to make this happen, although setting your Twitter profile to private fixes the issues. For now, it's worth remembering the old adage: If you don't want someone to read it, it's better not to write it — or tweet it — in the first place."


Journal Journal: Bad week for my IT 1

This has been a pretty bad week for me concerning technology and electronic devices at my household. First the RAID with videos/movies goes down, I get my 1TB drive a couple days too late to back it all up, WD Diagnostics now reports the TB drive has a faulty read head, then the RAID 5 in my main machine fails fantastically. My laptop has suffered video card wear and will only boot in VGA mode. So right now I'm enjoying a little music streaming in 640x480 goodness. At least my phone hasn't had a
Data Storage

Journal Journal: I'm finally one of "them"

Of the 2 kinds of people that exist when it comes to data loss; there's those who haven't lost any data, and those who backup religiously.
Up until last night, I've never lost any significant data that I was aware of. Sure I had the odd floppy go bad. An old school assignment, CD-Rs that have been laying around forever with a *nix distro I'd never think to install because it's so old. Or maybe files in an old digital backup that I had forgotten about and no longer needed or had any interest

Journal Journal: Windows 7 Automatic Updates default setting

It appears the default action in Windows 7 for automatic updates defaults to downloading and installing and restarting at 3am. I'm not sure what it was previously with Vista, or even XP at latest SP, but I know I don't like my computer to automatically restart (which is a stated result of installing updates) when I might still have programs open.

Journal Journal: Free BSD on Sparc

I installed Free BSD onto my Sparc after playing around with OpenSolaris for a while. After spending the weekend setting up virtual hosts in apache I decided to break ports by choosing an incorrect branch to follow. That was simple to fix since I simply had to choose a correct branch and update again (had not yet updated anything out of the broken ports). I've gotten FTP to jail sessions and sshd humming along. Maybe this week I'll try out mail services again and see if I can get mailman running

Submission + - Nine words from Science which originated in SciFi (

An anonymous reader writes: This is a blog post on Oxford University Press USA, listing nine words used in science and technology which were actually dreamed up by fiction writers. Perhaps Slashdot readers can come up with a few more?

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