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Journal Journal: letter to the USA

Dear citizens of the United States of America,

As a citizen of a very friendly nation, an admirer of your democratic principles and an enthusiast regarding travelling your beautiful country, I'd like to share with you some of my thoughts.

For starters let me offer you my condolences regarding the loss of sanity of at least 50% of your popular voters.

Four years ago I was able to comprehend that you chose the Grand Old Partie's nominee. You are after all quite a conservative country and I respect that. And the man did promise to reunite the country after the intense election-battles.

But that you, after the evidence of four years of Mr. Bush junior's presidency, could not be convinced of his being unfit for the job can only baffle me. No, baffling isn't the right word. It appals me. This result (and the race has not been decided as I write this) shows a total lack of commitment to basic democratic values such as "holding someone with power accountable for what he does with this power". Let me put it straight for you: The man lied.

He did not lie about having sexual intercourse. He did not lie about or try to cover up subversive activities by his re-election committee. He did not lie about covertly allowing drugs smuggling to occur in order to assure cash flow for a friendly guerilla-warfaring fraction in Nicaragua. He did not allow or turn a blind eye to armaments-shipments to a fanatic Islamic country in order to negotiate a release for US-embassy personnel.

No, he lied to get you, the American People, and your legislature to let him go to war. WAR! That is not a blowjob. It is not a break-in. Neither is it a CIA-operation. It is W-A-R. Total Destruction! Loss of human life. Theirs. AND YOURS. What does a normal democratically "checked and balanced" system do with its leaders that lie and mislead in such important matters? It removes them from office, by impeachment or by the casting of the ballot.

What you have done, my dear friends, is say to the American Politics: "You can lie. You can go to war. You can smuggle drugs. You can do any of the things that our high standard of moral justly finds reprehensible. And we are never going to hold you accountable as long as you handle politically petty details, such as the right to bear sub-machine guns, the way we like it." That's a nice exchange: sub-machine gun versus accountability for political officers. I think you are going to see much of those guns in the near future. And the good part is: you are not going to have to pay for them. They will all be subsidised by Uncle Sam. To be specific: by the department of defence that sends you or a loved one into one of the many combat zones that Uncle Dubbaya is creating.

Please don't see this letter as a piece of critique by a European that has no idea of what is going on in your country. I have visited your beautiful country a great many times and I will always respect your choices regarding your politics and your society. With this letter I only mean to show you my disappointment because I believed that you would be able to judge the ability of Mr. Bush to lead your country more -in my eyes- realistically. Maybe it's the way you have set-up your democratic system, but I feel that as a non-US citizen I am not in the position to lecture you regarding your electoral processes. If it needs change or evaluation, you have to do that.

I wish you the very best of luck, strength, wisdom and a touch of Gods subtle grace,
I think you need it.


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