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Submission + - ZTE Grands S US Launched Delayed Until Next Year (

An anonymous reader writes: The ZTE Grand S was announced at CES back in January, the handset was expected to launch in the US some time this year, although now it looks like we will have to wait until 2014 to get our hands on the device.

ZTE have decided to put the US release of the ZTE Grand S on hold until 2014, although it looks like the device may be updated for the US release, as ZTE do not intend to release a year old phone for the US.

ZTE have yet to specify what upgrades the US ZTE Grand S will get,the original handset featured a 5 inch full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, it come with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and features a quad core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

As soon as we get some more information on when the ZTE Grand S will land in the US and also some details on what upgrades it will get we will let you guys know.

Submission + - Scientists Link Autism with Lack of Gut Bacteria

parallel_prankster writes: Scientists at University College Cork (UCC) have found that mice who were raised without bacteria in their gut showed autistic patterns of behavior. Scientists argue that their findings demonstrate the crucial role stomach bacteria plays in the development of normal social behaviour. Professor Ted Dinan, psychiatry professor and a principal investigator in the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC), said the core of their paper argued that animals need a normal range of bacteria in their gut in order for normal social development. Dinan said, “In our studies involving mice, we found animals raised in a germ-free environment (without microbiota in their gut) spent more time interacting with objects than other animals and so have distinctively autistic patterns of behavior.”
He said that the serotonin system, which helps regulate mood, does not develop properly if there is not enough bacteria in the gut. Mice in the study who did not have enough bacteria were less interested in new social situations than mice with a normal level of bacteria.
The scientists said that the bacteria deficient mice behavior resembles social cognition deficits of patients. Children with autism also show repetitive behaviors and scientists pointed out that gut problems are common among those with autism. Scientists weaned bacteria and then added it and this reversed the mice’s social avoidance and repetitive behaviors, but had no impact on social cognition impairments.

Submission + - Iran plans to launch an "Islamic Google Earth" (

Shipwack writes: The Iranian authorities have long accused Google Earth of being a tool for western spy agencies, but now they have taken their attacks on the 3D mapping service one step further â" by planning the launch of an "Islamic" competitor.

Submission + - Keys to a successful Kickstarter project? (

Shipwack writes: The website Kickstarter has many success stories, some that are wildly successful (Amanda Palmer's record and Double Fine's game come to mind). However, what about the projects that don't have a big name attached?

Photographer Chris Haber has a Kickstarter project for a "behind the scenes" NASA photobook. Unfortunately, it might not make its goal. What separates him from projects that end up getting funded? Not famous enough? Lack of famous people tweeting about him? Reward levels not sufficiently enticing?

What things make you want to patronize a Kickstarter project?


Submission + - Android OS gets loaded onto the iPhone (

An anonymous reader writes: A coder who previously worked on jail-breaking various iPhone OS releases and also demonstrated, a year ago, the Linux kernel running on an iPhone, has gone one better. He's put up a video not only showing that the iPhone can indeed dual-boot, but can do so between the iPhone and Android OS. The boot process does take a while, but the coder explains that "pretty much everything works", though he admits that the release currently isn't "production quality", stating it's more like an "alpha" quality.

Submission + - SPAM: McAfee apologizes after “false positive&rdqu writes: Antivirus company McAfee apologized for it’s for its latest update that took down thousands computers around the world. "We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our customers," said Barry McPherson on a McAfee blog post. The false positive brought thousands of computers running Microsoft’s Windows XP, SP3 to its knees. Affected companies and owners will have to manually clean their machines to get them working again.

"In the past 24 hours, McAfee identified a new threat that impacts Windows PCs. Researchers worked diligently to address this threat that attacks critical Windows system executables and buries itself deep into a computer’s memory," said McPherson. "McAfee is aware that a number of customers have incurred a false positive error due to this release. We believe that this incident has impacted less than one half of one percent of our enterprise accounts globally and a fraction of that within the consumer base..."

Meanwhile, McAfee’s Business Community blogger site and Twitter are awash with comments from angry users. It seemed that the National Science Foundation, hospitals, and local police stations were affected, among many others. Computers that used McAfee’s VirusScan 8.7 started to reboot randomly after a critical Windows system file was flagged as a potential virus.

Link to Original Source

Submission + - XFX--don't touch this card 1

FyreWyr writes: Via Email: A purported security breach at XFX facilities. One of their gun-themed "Black Edition" 5970's has apparently gone missing. Noting that email recipients are advised the perpetrator will be subject to 'persecution' (err, prosecution?) and is labeled as part of a "Gamertainment" campaign--so perhaps a ruse--there is that fearsome threat of ridicule. Here's the email, marked "CONFIDENTIAL" so you can decide if it's true:

Dear XFX Customers,

In light of recent events, we have come to suspect that one of our 5970 Black Edition Limited cards may have been compromised. In our current inventory check of this limited run of 1,000 individually serialized pieces, #68 has been unaccounted for. Due to evidence of a security breach in our facility, we believe it to have been illegally obtained as the product has yet been released per the embargo date. Please be aware that the person responsible will be subject to persecution by law. If any news can be provided to lead us to the apprehension of the suspect, or you can provide us with any information, please report it to Please do not attempt to buy, trade, or barter for this unit. We thank you for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Submission + - Google Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac address (

An anonymous reader writes: There's a story over at The Register about how Google is collecting more than just images when they drive around for the Street View service. "Google's roving Street View spycam may blur your face, but it's got your number. The Street View service is under fire in Germany for scanning private WLAN networks, and recording users' unique Mac (Media Access Control) addresses, as the car trundles along."

There's a choice quote at the end, "Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently said internet users shouldn't worry about privacy unless they have something to hide. "

Submission + - 100% Free Cellphone Repair Tutorials (

kc_kim writes: A very nice nice site to learn and earn about mobile phones. a simple guides on how to fix major mobile phones like iphone, blackberry, nokia, samsung, siemens, alcatel, and a lot more...

Submission + - Tories: Labour use 'dirty' SEO tricks for election (

ChiefMonkeyGrinder writes: The internet is set to play a major role in the way the major political parties engage with the voting public. reports that John Prescott has called for Labour activists to click on the Conservative Party’s Google adverts in an attempt to bankrupt the opposition. Prezza tweeted that would take "50p out of the Tories warchest."

Submission + - Man from the future arrested at LHC ( 1

Critical Facilities writes: A man named Eloi Cole was discovered by CERN Security as he was rummaging through garbage bins at the LHC apparently looking for his "time machine power unit". According to the article, Cole claims to be from the future where "the discovery of the Higgs boson led to limitless power, the elimination of poverty and Kit-Kats for everyone.". I've always been more of a Twix man myself, but I could adjust to a world full of Kit-Kats.

Submission + - A New "Medical Lab on a Chip" For Every Home? (

destinyland writes: NWU professor Chad Mirkin discusses his company's new "lab-on-a-chip" technology — the ability to automatically treat a blood sample with chemicals on a microchip, quickly detecting markers for diseases and other anomalies. The quick "bio-barcode" test creates the possibility of a medical diagnostic system in every home, since it offers greater sensitivity than current tests with simpler instruments and at lower costs. "And that means you no longer have to rely on these remote labs with this big bulky instrumentation... People 100 years from now will say, ''These guys were in the Stone Age.'" This is not a futuristic technology; four tests already have received FDA clearances, so "They're here... It's in hospitals around the country. Really, what we are waiting for is just an increasing menu [of tests]... It will scale rapidly."

Submission + - Nvidia Admits Fermi GPU Supply Problems (

Stoobalou writes: Nvidia CEO Jen-hsun Huang has admitted that the firm's Fermi architecture is struggling to get out the blocks, as it is having trouble making the 40nm chips.

At an Nvidian analysts' day yesterday, Huang was forced to admit what has been well known for ages: Fermi is such a big, cumbersome, transistor-heavy piece of silicon, that Nvidia's fab partner TSMC is struggling to get it out the door in any volume.

"From a supply perspective, we wish we had more 40nm capacity," Huang confessed. "We are working with TSMC really closely. They are doing a fab [sic] job. Yields are improving. Capacities are improving. But we are finding it hard to keep up. Everyone is clamoring to have Fermis out the door. We are working really hard to get Fermis out the door."


Submission + - Windows 7 service pack leaked to torrent sites ( 1

superapecommando writes: An early build of Windows 7's first service pack has been leaked, leading to thousands of downloads on a whole host of various torrent websites.
As with every Windows operating system (OS) release, improvements and fixes often arrive in the form of a service pack, and only last month the Windows team discussed the upcoming Windows 7 SP1 release in a blog post. The team detailed that the first service pack would feature a number of minor updates for the popular OS. However, it is worth noting that the Windows team did not mention a final release date for the completed service pack.

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