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Journal Journal: Anonymous Cowards

Alright, I'm done. I'm generally fine with regular trolls and quasi-trolls (people who don't realize they're doing it), but there are at least two super-trolls around here willing to go to extraordinary lengths to sound semi-reasonable just to make people waste time replying to them, then very gradually shift into a more conventional troll mode over the course of a half dozen replies, then follow you into another thread and do it again, pretending to be another AC.

I'm sort of impressed. I never expected to encounter such tenaciousness over something so pointless. Truly slashdot, you have created a superior breed.

If you're not a troll and I've tersely called you one, I do apologize for the mixup. I invite you to register for an account and try again. It'll take perhaps 2 minutes of your life.

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