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Journal Journal: Online Journals are STILL for losers.

(This will go down on your permanent record)

Losers that want attention.

Losers that have no life outside the Internet.

Losers hoping against hope that someone gives a shit about the crap they write in their online journal.

Losers that think "HEY LOOK AT ME I'M SO SMART!"



Online Journals bring out the worst in the worst kinds of pathetic attention seeking losers.

The point of a journal is to be introspective and learn something about yourself.

Sharing it with the world is a pathetic sympathy bid for people who had mothers that didn't love them.

---EDITED Sept 22, 2003---

Summary of changes:

I added the word "STILL" to the Subject.
I also changed the way the text was formatted because I'm not posting from a web enabled cellphone anymore.
Changed "who's" to something proper.
Oh, and I've received 5 emails from people that have been smart enough to figure out my actual email address asking if I'd enable comments so they could say something, then went ahead and emailed their comments to me when I ignored their first email. I have no desire to read a bunch of loserish rants from people in love with themselves and their online journals. I do not exist to validate you.

And in general I still stand firmly behind every word.

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