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Comment NZ Perspective (Score 5, Insightful) 285

As a New Zealander, I'm frankly outraged that the US has this kind of influence down here. It's about to get a LOT worse as the Trans-Pacific Partnership gets finished off and pushed through... Most people won't have even heard of it until the deal is done. Dodgy, dodgy secret deals with US corporations, and my country stands to gain absolutely nothing but the unjust legislative offspring off the MAFIAA.

Comment No surprises here... (Score 0) 45

Considering the corporate mindset and the modus operandi of companies like Microsoft, this is the tip of an unexplored iceberg. I bet they're saving logs of every conversation that takes place over their MSN IM software to glean competitive information to exploit / sell to fellow corporations. We would have to be pretty stupid to assume otherwise.

Comment Re:Heh (Score 3, Interesting) 433

My initial thought is that they're recording peoples' responses to product placement / subliminal advertising, in an attempt to gauge the effectiveness thereof.

Did anyone else catch the giant cigarette advertisement in the last James Bond? It was right after he had sex with the blonde, what a hero.

Comment Re:Monsanto seeds in there? (Score 1) 115

Straw man. Nowhere did he claim that everything Natural News proposes is true; conversely he is arguing that their central message is greatly evidenced apart from their side fringe theories. There are only a couple of authors on that site that extol the virtues of magnetism, and by no means should we lump them all together.

Your preconceived notions about natural medicine are blinding you to some great truths. All uninformedLuddite is saying is that modern medicine doesn't have all the answers - the clarity of this truth is increased in abundance each month.

Open your eyes.

Comment Re:Monsanto seeds in there? (Score 2) 115

Monsanto are one of the largest investors of this elaborate project, and anyone who has studied Monsanto knows that Monsanto is NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

They take absolutely every chance they get to strengthen their death-grip on international agriculture, if we give them an inch they will take a mile. This is about world domination of agriculture.

They always sell their modified crap as being greatly beneficial and liberating to the poor farmers, when in reality they are shackling third world countires to rely on first-world corporations to produce food. Total enslavement.

"When you control the oil, you control the county. When you control the food, you control the population" - Henry Kissenger

Please people, open your mind and consider the history of Monsanto and the other groups involved in this project - we cannot afford to allow things like this to happen. Monsanto's seed is designed to produce only a single yield, and is modified to withstand the poisonous pesticides they produce; they have a very elaborate marketing machine working to deceive poor farmers across the globe to buy into this rip-off, this rabbit whole goes quite deep and when you get to the bottom of it, it's a total travesty that words can scarcely describe. If ever there was an organization worthy of the moniker "Evil Corporation" it would be Monsanto.

I implore you all to take the time to watch the documentary The World According to Monsanto and follow the claims up with your own research - only when you have verified the length and breadth of the crimes against humanity commited by this corporation will you understand the gravity of what is transpiring. These people are presenting enslavement as a solution, seeking to rule us with an iron fist in a velvet glove - we must be vigilant to avoid deception.

Comment At last, a sensible education idea (Score 1) 405

We've seen in adults that if you put them in the right chair, their performance increases ... Is the same true for children?

- Jack Dennerlein, Harvard

This makes so much sense, if we attached fixtures to hold their arms in place, the kids would be unable to reach away from the desk, forcing them to focus on their work thus greatly increasing the efficiency of the education system. I want my tax dollars being spent on sensible projects that will help my kids to learn, and this one is a prime example - when you think about it, it has multifaceted benefits. For example, the kids would no longer be able to throw paper balls in class or stick gum under the desks, thus improving the experience of teacher and janitor alike - we would probably see a decrease in those teacher strikes.

Obviously Idea and Steelcase are out to make more than their share of money, such a system needn't be greatly above the current market average. Sure, a lock and key mechanism might bring the price up slightly, but we should still manage under $100 per unit. The potential increase here is just too great to be ignored; I for one will be presenting this option to my the board of trustees at my son's school, of which my wife happens to be a member.

Someone tag this 'suddenoutbreakofcommonsense'

Comment Re:linux is for smart people (Score 1) 1348

Excuse me good sir, your subject line and post appear to imply that you are a linux user, and, as such, one of the "smart people".
Now, normally this would be all fine and dandy, but a great incongruity has arisen from a slight mathematical technicality.

You see, if you are referring to linux users and "smart people", applying a percentage to this specific group does not in fact represent the proportion of "smart people" to the mass herds of sheeple; in fact, it effectively implies that there are only 1-2% of linux users and "smart people" as previously.

If this were true, linux on the desktop would truly be dead...
Hang on a minute! I see your reverse psychology! M$ SHILL!!!1

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