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Journal Journal: Breaking retardation records

Retardation? Yes, both the mental and temporal kind.

Before you continue, read the journal entry preceding this one.

An e-mail to CmdrTaco made the mongoloid responsible for the abuse mentioned in that journal entry end up being slapped by a somewhat postponed meta-moderation. You can go back to your Portal now, there will be no more moderation points for you here!

But the fun doesn't stop there.

Today, nine(!) bloody days after that story and my comments were posted, there's still a fuckwit out there who insists on trawling through the posting history of people he doesn't agree with and abusing the moderation system for his personal vendetta or whatever. Look at this and this.

A suggestion to the Slashdot staff: Make all moderations of posts older than a certain age (say, 48 hours) end up in meta-moderation by default.


Journal Journal: Awww, how cute! (Or: My first stalker.)

Hello, what have we got here? Yup, another patient on leave from the asylum, where the word "moderation" has it's very own very special meaning.

When the nitwits get bored with the fantasy land which they access through their own alternate reality portal, then they apparently venture on expeditions to the harsh outside world that they despise so much (where real discussion is permitted and opinions are allowed to deviate from standardised sets of "truths" which depend on who owns or licenses a trademark at any given time) and try to adapt it to their misconceptions.

When these sheep are endowed with Slashdot moderator points, they think of it not as an opportunity to reward and make visible good posts and disencourage bad posts, but as a means to try to shut the people up who they (or more accurately said; whoever owns or licenses that holy Trademark) disagree with. It doesn't matter how long ago the "uncomfortable" discussion took place, even if nobody will read what was said anymore anyway, abusing the moderation system is still an opportunity to remove karma and label the "dissident" a "Troll" for future discussions. "Trolls" and "undesirables" are the standard labels used in their alternate reality safe haven, so that's what the rest of the world should think, too.

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