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Comment Re:For gamers? (Score 2, Interesting) 110

I test drove one of these for a couple of months:

It delivered way more than is advertised here and wasn't connected via PCIe. We're talking 2 GB/s BW and more than 250,000 IOPS with an average response time under 200 microseconds in my testing. It is kind of spendy and heavy as fuck.

Also I have a very large penis.

Comment Re:This does pose the question: (Score 2) 195

Facebook buys custom servers, so will be 100% documented. Also they are of the vanity free variety lacking any bolted on bits added strictly to make the numbered list of features on the side of the box longer. I suspect that the only thing they are going to care about are disks and nics. Sounds cards, video cards, random USB hardware, bluetooth, none of that matters to them at all. These are datacenter housed pieces of equipment.

Comment Re:Hey Larry ... (Score 1) 186

What we need to do is put it to him in a way that will verify how true he actually believes he is being. Something along the lines of:

1. Detail what criteria are used to ascertain that 100,000 lives are to be saved by data mining health records.
2. Give Google access to said data to save 100,000 lives.
3. If they don't save at least 100,000 lives, then 100% of Google's assets are seized and liquidated. And 100% of the wealth of the top 100,000 shareholders in Google.
4. A complete removal of all consumer data from the hands of anyone who is, or within the last 10 years, a Google employee.

If Larry Page isn't willing to put his personal prosperity behind his claims, I don't believe that he is telling the truth.

Comment Re:Meh. fud spam. (Score 1) 237

He's saying that their data was essentially cherry-picked. Much like a recent story on CNN about the income of the wealthy and the writer picked the timeframe of 2009-the present. Uh, yeah. Of course they're going to have a huge increase in income, 2009 was the bottom of the fucking crash. If you're going to compare to that everything will be dramatic.

Comment Re:scientific study ? (Score 1) 397

You could always look at these things as a spectrum and not binary. One attribute may be extremely important in one culture and just baseline in another and not only not average, but looked down upon in a third. For what it's worth Chua lists several cultures that have the attributes mentioned on the write up, two of these are Jews and Mormons.

Comment Re:Should be legal, with caveat (Score 1) 961

His father may be at the point where he can no longer take advantage of those laws as they require multiple requests from the patient, verbal and written, multiple doctors providing diagnosis. If he's suffering dementia and is not lucid most of the time, it could be very difficult to meet the requirements. Also it's possible that the current providers may not release him if they know that the intent is to move the patient somewhere the patient can end their own life. Not sure about the legality around that.

Comment Re:Should be legal, with caveat (Score 5, Insightful) 961

It's not about comas. It's about terminal illnesses where there is no chance of recovery and the only thing for the patient and family to look forward to are pain, loss of dignity, loss of autonomy, and significant emotional, personal and financial burdens. Assisted, end of life suicide already legal in Washington and Oregon and some parts of Europe.

Comment Re:Just price? (Score 1) 499

Can you honestly say this website is an actual replacement for the failed Federal website? I know it's a bit of a fashion in the FOSS world to look at a screen shot of something and then recreate the product based on that screen shot while knowing very little of the actual workings of the product being copied. Then going out and touting how they've created a free replacement for the evil closed product. And more or less 99% of the time it's not only not a replacement but doesn't even have the advertised functionality.

So what I want to know is does this site really do what the Federal site is supposed to do and can it carry the load of the 300 million visitors and as people proceed through the site are they allowed to enroll in the plans? Etc.

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