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Journal Journal: September 10th, two years later.

Terrorist supporting dictatorships in two middle eastern nations have been removed in the span of 9 weeks of military activity in months since 9/11/2001.

Afganistan continues to be an issue as the US probably made a mistake in attempting to garner the support of tribal warlords by allowing them to continue to produce opium and supply the world heroin.

Iraq takes steps each day toward becoming more self reliant. The American public most likely doesn't hear of such steps, as we are only presented with bad news in regard to the ongoing situation over there.

Nine democrat party candidates for president debated last night, and while I didn't watch the debate, I did read parts of a transcript. The bottom line is that none of these candidates spoke of any reason to vote for any of them. They only spoke of how bad a job the current president is doing. I would love to enter the political realm just to make an attempt to put people like this gaggle in their place.

Today the House passed a bill giving Federal Civilian Employees a 4.1% increase in pay. I work as a contractor for the Federal Government, I am a top performer on the contract, and I didn't receive a 4.1% increase, my increase was a full percentage point less. I'd love to have a civil service job, but I dare say that I'd hate feeling like I'm a government welfare recipient. Most of the civil servant community here wouldn't be able to hold a job in the real world. They don't have degrees, they don't have business skills, they don't have social skills.

I digress.
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Journal Journal: Baghdad Liberated

Woke up this morning, on this the 21st day of the war to liberate Iraq from tyranny, to hear and see a giant statue of Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein being torn down by Iraqi citizens with the help of a US military vehicle used to lift and tow armored military vehicles when they get stuck, flip over and so on. It was a beautiful site to see the realization of the liberation of an oppressed people.

I would not be surprised to see Iraq become a super power in the world over the next 100 or so years. It makes me wonder what America would be like today if our fore fathers had the help (economic, military, and social) of a power like the US is today when we won our freedom from tyranny so many years ago. I wonder what lessons would have been handed down had there been some guidance from a democratic capitalist nation that had made some mistakes along the way as it developed.

I wonder if said guidance would contain warnings about the failings of large government social programs. Perhaps the advice would promote individual ability, responsibility and success, opposed to systematically beating down the individual for the sake of equal and fair misery and poverty for everyone.

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