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Journal Journal: Me.

So, check it out. I'm back up to positive Karma. All the way from negative five billion. What a swell guy I must be.

Too bad I'm still stuck posting at -1 by default! Grrr! Whats wrong with this stupid thing... I should be at least even by now damnit.

I'll have to look around or email someone I guess.

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Journal Journal: Help me ;)

Ok. Boy. I need mod points. I COULD go and create a new account, but then, it wouldn't be with my name, SalsaDoom. It'd be with another name, but I don't go by any other names. Just that one, so, I'm forced to just touch it out in -1 world and hope that enough people give me mods points that I can actively participate in discussions again. Its hard going!

I'd like to do it honorably, but posting good, intelligent things, but at this rate, I think that I am going to start doing cheap crap, like starting my posts with, "I'm going to get modded down for this, but" then say something completely inane. See, the mods see that an think, "Well -- I'm gonna think out of the box on this one, and think objectively.. why, I can't mod him down just because I disagree with him!"

Its all rubbish of course. I've seen so many +5 Insightful posts starting with that its not even funny, its sad.

I mean, for fuck sakes! I've been using linux since 94. 94! I deserve a positive score on slashdot if only because of that. And not redhat or some shit, Slackware! Ok, I use Gentoo now, and have since.. uh, sometime. But I'm not a Gentoo troll -- check my post history, no Gentoo trolls. None. And I don't update my friggan portage every two minutes either. And... I help people on IRC all the time! I deserve positive mod points.


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Journal Journal: Let me tell ya something

If you are going to have fun with the mac users.. DON'T DO IT ON SLASHDOT good lord, because they are testy as hell. They get all their mac friends to log in and mod you down if you ever say anything bad about their OS.

But of course, they claim WE do that with our linux. Yeah, if that is so true then why I do I always see comments like "I know i'm going to get modded down for this.. but !" at Score: 5 Insightful.

It was in a poll even! And In My Opinion, the flamewar that resulted was fun and had some good points thrown back and forth. Obviously, "I hit the keyboard with the decapitated head of a mac user" wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

So there.

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