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Journal Journal: Hey swordboy! 10

Hey You! swordboy ! Why don't you get rid of your bullshit sig? Aren't you even going to attempt to answer me? Or are you just another piece of shit propagandist who doesn't give a damn about the truth?

1/3rd of US foreign aid goes to 0.1% of the population []

Why are you posting an inflamitory offtopic sig linking to an anti-Semitic website which openly supports terrorism?

And just to point out the bias here, Israel get's $2.5 billion (1.5 military, 1 civilian) a year in aid from the USA (the site you link to doesn't even get the basic numbers correct), while Egypt gets $2 billion a year in military aid. People are starving in the streets in Egypt, but the country refuses to convert even $1.00 of that military aid to civilian aid. And of course there's Jordan which averaged $284 million per year over the past 5 years and will go up to $300 million next year, which put together with what Egypt get's is almost identical to what Israel gets.

And of course there is indirect aid to the Saudis. Ten's of thousands of American soldiers protect the biggest supporter of terrorism and bin-laden in the world. If you want to bitch about something bitch about the fact that the state department coddles and protects a government which directly (if "secretly") supported and still supports the people responsible for the Twin Towers bombing.

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