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Comment I posted about this in March (Score 1) 331

I was in the Apple store today to ask about the iPad preorders. While I was there, the sales rep asked me why I ran Ubuntu on my laptop. I gave the answer that any iPhone owner will intuitively get: Ubuntu has an “app store”.

He said: “Really?”, and nodded sagely as I showed him around the Ubuntu Software Center. Frankly, though, while it’s pithy, it’s not 100% of my reason for loving software on Ubuntu. The real reason is that I can choose Software Curators.

When I enjoy the news somebody collects and shares, I subscribe to their Blog or Twitter Feed. I also subscribe to TV shows in pretty much the same fashion.

On Ubuntu, people can create a Personal Packaging Archive, or PPA. When I subscribe to it, the PPA’s version of software replaces the standard for the operating system. I am effectively subscribing to their software service, for my laptop. Let me give a recent example.

I recently discovered The Elementary Project. Put simply, it’s an attempt to bring a mac-like design sensibility to Ubuntu. It includes an icon set for GNOME, also a windowing theme, a GDM theme, and branched versions of applications like Abiword and Docky. They are constantly improving, and all it takes to adapt your Ubuntu box to use their packages instead of the standard is subscribing to their PPA. I also subscribe to Chromium Betas, and Firefox daily builds.

Being able to subscribe to PPA’s brings an important level of control back to the user. App Stores like the Ubuntu Software Center are nice, because they are an easy way to discover popular software by developers that the Ubuntu Project trusts. PPA’s allow me to also confer my trust on developers, to get access to their apps using the same infrastructure.

From what I hear, the next version of the Ubuntu Software Center will make it easier to browse and subscribe to PPA’s. I get the impression that Ubuntu is the only OS that understands and supports the idea of outsourcing to a trusted software Curator. I’m proud to be an Ubuntu user.

Submission + - Second Community day Announced for OXID eShop (

Ryan_Singer writes: "The second OXID Commons, the OXID community day, will be in Freiburg i.Br., Germany, at May 6th 2010. Everyone who is interested in Open Source ecommerce and OXID eSales products is welcome to attend. Come meet other shop owners, OXID eShop users, developers, solution partners, integration partners and of course OXID staff. There will be talks by experts from the community, an unconference and a Get Together in the evening where you can recap the day and do some networking. We are still accepting papers for OXID Commons 2010. We expect a highly valuable program. Find out more at:"

Submission + - IKS Offers Grants for Content Management Systems (

Ryan_Singer writes: "Semantic technology — while offering significant benefits — is still a tough beast to tame. Most vendors and communities can't afford to spend the cost to prototype a new semantic functionality. IKS is calling for 40 different Content Management Systems to prototype the IKS stack, and to share knowledge in order to speed the design process. The grants will be 5000 to 7000 Euros each, and are intended to support the validation process which will include attending information workshops and testing of the stack. Don't miss your change, sign up as soon as possible. Find more information at"

Submission + - LinuxTag Announces Call for Papers (

Ryan_Singer writes: "LinuxTag is the most important place for Linux and open source software in Europe. Last year, LinuxTag had over ten thousand attendees, and over 300 speakers. This year, the 16th LinuxTag will be June 9-12, 2010 at the Berlin Fairgrounds in Germany. LinuxTag seeks exciting and suitable proposals for presentations in the conference tracks. Interested speakers are invited to submit their proposals by January 29th, 2010.

The program committee is seeking proposals for the program on topics including, but not limited to, the following: Open Source Success Stories, Processes in the Public Sector, Security, Cloud Computing, Web Programming, Ubuntu and Family, Web Apps, Gnome, Java and OpenJDK, openSUSE, Software Development, KDE, Mobile & Embedded, Fedora, Video, OpenStreetMap, Office Suites, Kernel and System Development, Appllications, Data Centers, Monitoring and Security.

For more information, or to submit a talk, please see the LinuxTag Call for Papers:"

Comment InitMarketing (and other marketing consultancies) (Score 1) 131

The OP has commercial software, but for Open Source software (or Cloud-based software built on open source technologies) you should check out my employer.

We are an independent marketing consultancy with 10 members who on average, have over a decade of experience each. We do web marketing, print marketing, community building and management, event planning, strategic consulting and positioning, and anything else you would want out of a marketing team. We can bill hourly or price out a package or campaign.

For startups considering hiring their first marketing employee, we offer a range of specialties and experience for similar cost.

Check us out at or email me at for more information.

Ryan Singer


Submission + - Improved Templating in Open Source Java CMS Magnol (

Ryan Singer writes: "Magnolia International Ltd. announced today the immediate availability of Magnolia 4.1. Just three months after the initial release of the fourth version of the Java-based content management system, this update allows web developers and end-users to easily create, integrate and publish web content with the significantly enhanced Standard Templating Kit (STK)."

Submission + - OXID Commons Call for Papers is Open! (

InitMarketing writes: "Call for Papers Open for First OXID Commons, the Community Event on OXID eShop. OXID, the open source community behind the OXID eShop eCommerce software is planning their first ever community event, the OXID Commons! It will be in Freiburg, Germany on July 9th. Anyone with an interest in open source eCommerce solutions in projects based on OXID products is invited to speak and attend. There will be talks over the course of the day (with slots still open), and a networking reception in the evening. The Call for Papers is still open. Abstracts can be submitted until May 15th. Find more information about OXID Commons and the Call for Papers at"

Submission + - Pirate Party is Now Third Largest in Sweden

gamerdonkey writes: Membership in the Swedish Pirate Party has exploded since the end of the Pirate Bay trial. In those three weeks, the party has tripled its membership, reaching 44,000, and has today surpassed the Center Party, making it the third largest political party in Sweden. Moreover, if growth continues at this rate, it will take the second spot in the country. The party leader, Rick Falkvinge, commented on the achievement and the trial that sparked it, stating, "The Pirate Bay verdict was not a single event, but the final straw in a long series of events... With just one month till the European elections, the timing of these horrible events arguably work as a catalyst for change." Falkvinge also commented on how this improves the party's odds in the upcoming elections, "It's not a question of 'a' seat any more. If everybody who is angry with the Pirate Bay verdict goes to vote, we will get at least one seat, and probably more."

Submission + - A short history of Microsoft's OOXML ISO campaign (

christian.einfeldt writes: "Russell Ossendryver is the open format advocate whose open letter to the GNOME Foundation touched off a widespread debate about whether and to what extent GNOME is supporting Microsoft's drive for ISO status for its OOXML office productivity data format. Now, Ossendryver has published the first in a concise three-part series aimed at examining Microsoft's strategy in opposing ODF's rapid growth as an open international data standard. It is not news that Microsoft has vigorously lobbied to have its OOXML standard supplant ODF, the current international office productivity data format standard, such as its recent efforts to halt the adoption of ODF by the Dutch Parliament. But Ossendryver's summary gives a bird's eye overview of that history, based on his extensive involvement in those debates as a long-time member of the OpenDocument Fellowship."

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