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Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 778

Mine switched to the other side when I picked a different theme. Not that I cared much about which side the buttons were on. I just tested it now, still works - go to the default theme, buttons on the left, pick "Clearlooks" (or something like that) and they're on the right.

I'm running 10.4, BTW.

Comment Re:iAds (Score 1) 1184

Thank you! I'm very glad to hear not only that you as a developer won't be doing this, but also that I'm not the only one left who hates adware. I've lately feeling like I'm the only one around who learned anything from the days of Aureate/Radiate, Gator, and similar slimy companies. And now Apple wants to be the new Aureate!

Comment Re:Flash for the iPhone WHEN??? (Score 1) 216

(Of course, it is usually blocked by noscript and flashblock.) A few years ago that might have been difficult to get running, but now it is just ports

I've never understood why anyone would use both Noscript and Flashblock. I stopped using Flashblock years ago when Noscript added support for blacking Flash content. Is there some advantage to running them together, or is it just a belt & suspenders thing?

Comment Re:Flash for the iPhone WHEN??? (Score 1) 216

This appears to be a SWF file being run by Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Browser based plugins aren't going to help when it's opened by a desktop application.

Which bring us to the question I've been unable to find the answer to: Are you still vulnerable if you don't use Reader or Acrobat? Very few Mac or Linux users use either of those.

Also, what is the OS X/Linux equivalent of authplay.dll? I couldn't find anything called authplay on my Linux box.

Comment Re:This strikes me as misleading (Score 1) 185

There's nothing wrong about "embrace & extend". It's the "extinguish" part, when it happens, that is undesirable.

Actually, there is. What "embrace & extend" generally refers to is (usually Microsoft) pretending to follow a standard, but extending it in order to create incompatibilities with software made to work with the standard (e.g. Frontpage made web pages that only worked properly in IE).

In this case, though, I don't see how it applies.

Neither do I.

Comment Re:This frustrates me to no end (Score 1) 185

Very insightful and well articulated.

But why are you posting this as an AC in the comments to some other article? If you were to clean this rant up a bit and write it up a bit more thoroughly, you could submit it to any of a dozen techie and/or FOSS oriented websites/blogs and probably get it published. You might even get paid for it, but that's beside the point. Even if you didn't find a blog willing to print your article, you could put it on your own site. Next, submit a link to it as a story here on Slashdot, which would get your ideas a lot more attention than your AC comment is likely to (I just checked and the poll you linked is still at 15 votes). It is entirely possible to get Slashdotters to make a difference, but it takes a bit more work than just ranting in the comments of random articles.

Don't just complain about lack of mobilization, make it happen!

Comment Re:Eve a very deep game. (Score 1) 270

You've never been a role player, have you? I don't play Eve (never tried it), but taking on a different character is a major factor in any real role playing game. And not always some idealized "better person that I wish I could be", though that is occasionally an option that some may choose to play.

Much of the fun in these games comes from exploring the way this character that isn't you would behave in a given situation. It does not reflect upon the character of the player if the player is actually a roleplayer. Once, when playing GURPS many years ago I was stabbed in the back by a character that was played by someone whom I would entrust my life to. Betrayed and killed. It royally pissed me off, but didn't change the fact that the player was and is an extremely honorable person. It just happens that he's also imaginative enough to play a very tricky bastard in a game setting.

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