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Journal Journal: Gbrowser, Is Google is next Micro$oft?

I believe google is trying to dominate the market, and become the next Microsoft, but, they have to remove microsoft from the picture! How could microsoft be defeated you ask? Well, google is constantly coming up with new successful technologies. Just recently gmail was released, and I think that "Gbrowser" may be their next release. However, apple already has a "gbrowser" used for organizing and searching multimedia files.
Lets look at the facts. Microsoft is currently the leading operating system, and everything google does is dependent upon the Microsoft OS. Their google toolbar loads in internet explorer, their google desktop loads in the task bar, their email is accessed through OTHER browsers, and something interesting is that google uses java in their gmail, which I THINK Microsoft was trying to get rid of.
Google says they are always hiring the best and the brightest, so is it just coincidence that they hired the lead engineer from the Mozilla foundation? They have also hired other lead people from Sun Microsystems and Windows. The man from Sun is a lead engineer with Java (which gmail is reliant upon) and the man from Windows was a developer of Longhorn.
In some instances, it has been noticed that there is a "Google 0.x" that is appearing in the "Browser visited logs." Now some may put this off as the spiders crawling through their site, but 0.X is a beta, and the spiders are at least past version 2.
Not to mention, google is dominating everything with the letter G. google, gmail, and recently they bought gbrowser, according to whois.
The speculation.
Considering who they have hired, they definitely have the posibility in creating a "gbrowser" with strong java support (they seem to like java), and strong microsoft support because they are already dependent upon Microsoft users for their software. It is increasingly noted however, that google is now writing their software in support of linux and not just Windows.
These "Google 0.X" reports may be tests on their software. Unfortunately Google is leaving us in the dark. Not only do they refuse to disclaim everything to the public, they are also arrogant. This leads me to believe that they know something we don't. They have some sort of an advantage that they don't want out, so perhaps GBrowser is a reality. is also owned by google, but just as many website developers often have unused domain names that may never get used, so might google.

Its definitely time Microsoft has some competition. I'm curios where google is going to go.

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