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User Journal

Journal Journal: Time for "Yet Another Journal"

Uhh, stuff.

So the Holland OSDN office is officially closed and the new Ann Arbor OSDN office is on its way to being "bitchin". I'm still stuck in Holland, tho; Someone please *Blast* Hope College for me. Space Ghost, think you can help me out? ...Thanks in advance. Well back to the grindstone.

Oh yeah, and my teeth hurt. I honestly think that dentists are extraordinarily mean to people that smoke. I'm going to form the PWASODHT Society (People Who Are Sick Of Dentists Hurting Them)

Are you with me?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Who is Robo?

So I've been getting some email lately asking: Who is Robo? So, today I'll finally answer the question.

It's ME! Surprise!

Anyway, Yes, I work for Slashdot. Yes, I'm the faq guy. Yes, I'm the passwords guy.

I go to Hope College (Yippee). If you want to know more check out

-- Robo

The Media

Journal Journal: Disturbing Behavior

So today, August 17, 2001, I watched Disturbing Behavior for the 6th time. Once again confirming that one of my favorite female actresses is Katie Holmes. I also really liked her in Wonder Boys.

I also watched Josie and The Pussycats, which was way better than I thought it was going to be. I guess I enjoyed it because it was by the same people who did Can't Hardly Wait. MORE LATER...

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