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Comment Re:The Fix: Buy good Chocolate! (Score 1) 323

what i would like to see is more places that will sell you the NIBS (roasted beans)

Heck any of y'all that want to increase your chances with the ladies get going on how to make Chocolate FROM THE BEAN.

Being in the industry what would you suggest as to the grinder for somebody making for say 3-5 close friends??

Comment Re:This just proves... (Score 1) 173

think of what a plumber has to deal with if they have a Blackwater line with say 15 gallons worth of back pressure or some of the more involved plumbing nightmares (like how to get a LIVE snake out of a blackwater line).

90% of the time in plumbing you can get away with cut and fit stuff (as long as The Code Allows It) but then there is the 10% of the time you are dealing with having Blackwater all over the carpet.

Comment Re:Was pretty obvious (Score 2) 284

This is the biggest problem with H-1B visas.

Wanna bet that the following has happened with H-1B holders

1 holder finds out about something illegal or otherwise questionable in the business And is then told to keep silent or you will get fired and deported.

2 requiring bribes to keep your job (or "extra" fees that a US worker does not even hear about)

3 Off Books/Unpaid work

4 requiring Daughters/Wives "model" for or "entertain" the managers/ friends

or worse

Comment Re:Where is the money to hire support staff? (Score 1) 143

yeah ruffled underpants inspire great feats of hacking.

how does that formula go

time to complete hack = (Complexity of Hack * age of target) / (number of persons interested * interest factor of hack)

yeah any Porn Filter that does not include a locked room and armed marine guards will be hacked in minutes to seconds

Comment Re:Meet somewhere in the middle (Score 1) 179

Not to mention that you might find a number of Caribbean Lawyers that would LITERALLY eat you RAW for pulling a stunt like that.

I think the food regs require you to state if you processed a product IN THE SAME BUILDING as stuff with %insert list of common food allergens here% much less actually had bits of them in your product.



Comment Re:Physical requirements are not all that tough (Score 1) 308

besides being able to wrangle a loaded rack server into place at combat speed could come in handy someday.

Or run a 100 foot network cable

Or throw a ssd to some grunt to plug it into a rack

but then again any DI that can't get a geek into shape in decent time needs to hang up his smokey bear hat

Comment Critical thinking test for y'all (Score 1) 553

okay we have a sealed room (lets just say its stone made out of stone blocks) 2 meters by 2 meters by 3 meters.

the vents in the room are 3 inches wide with metal grates over them (so no coming in/out via the vents).

There is One Door in or out of the room (and its a security door) with an armed marine in front (and a couple cameras).

in the middle of the room is a small pedestal type table (no way of hiding anything under it) with a small velvet pillow holding a glass of ice.

The door is then sealed with forensic tape and then locked. (the marine is told to shoot anyone trying to get in the room)

3 hours later the room is opened and the glass of ice is GONE the pillow is wet and there is a handful of diamonds on the pillow.

Your challenge is to tell

1 where did the glass go??
2 where did the diamonds come from??

Comment Re:Want Critical Thinking? Fix the Public Schools (Score 1) 553

this has to be fixed at the K4 level (and pushed from there)

2 i would at this point flood the school system with "EDU-Slates" that have on the back end a full library of FREE school books (promote the Standard Book but also have the most common alt Books on %Subject%)
3 make being smart Cool (maybe have some sort of points system that unlocks Media for getting good grades)

Comment Re:Automation and jobs (Score 1) 720

Okay letme chime in here on that myth of pulling ones self up by your boot straps.

1 I would put good odds that the section of town that has the Homeless shelters is also across town from most of the decent jobs
2 Unemployment is a JOKE (okay if you earn more that $X00 in a week we are going to cut you off and btw you get paid $X0 a week)
3 Employers know exactly what addresses the shelters are and WILL NOT HIRE if you put one of those addresses down
4 Online aps for everything (and next to nothing for public access to computers)
5 Constant phone tag for like everything (and don't forget the number of minutes you get from a Gov Phone is dinky)
6 Everybody assumes that if you are homeless/unemployed you can show up anywhere anytime
7 Public transit that is a bad joke at best (oh and whoever placed all the different services must have used a dart board down at the local pub and a city map)

sure one can pull oneself up by bootstraps IF SOMEBODY DOESN'T KEEP CUTTING THEM

Comment Re:zomg singularity! (Score 1) 145

"A robot which has "border collie" level intelligence, train-ability, and independent problem solving with robotic implements can/will be incredibly useful in many applications."

and if we could "wet jack" actual border collies we could do a bunch of really cool stuff at about 5% of the cost (even if we supplied the border collie with body armour).

Comment Re:I disagree. (Score 1) 145

in the traffic cop scenario would it work to have pingers in the light wands?? basically you would have a LEFT and RIGHT wand with 2? sensors each that would send out an X/Y position to any AIs in range. Im thinking that there is a small limit of signals since you have LEFT ,RIGHT ,STOP ,GO ,BACKUP/TURN AROUND and YOU!

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