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Journal Journal: Earthlink / Offshoring of Jobs

Something that has been bothering me a lot lately is a conversation that I had with Earthlink technical support (which was obviously off-shored to India). The conversation went like this (after 20 minutes of holding, of course):

Me: I am having a problem with no connectivity on my account
Earthlink : Ok, Sir. In order to better server you may I ask what operating system you are using.
Me: Certainly; I am using Ubuntu, which is a version of Linux.
E: I'm sorry Sir, what operating system are you using?
Me: Linux.
E: Is this Windows XP, Windows 2000, Wind..
Me: No, I am using Linux, not Windows.
E: I see Sir. Are you using a Linux operating system?
Me: Yes; that is what I have just said three times to you.
E: Okay Sir, I cannot support you unless you are on a Windows operating machine.
Me: This problem is not related to my computer. There is no connectivity on my modem. The appropriate lights are not showing any activity. This is a problem on your end that I am trying to report.
E: Ok, but we cannot support you without a Windows operating system. Have a good day Sir.

I really don't even know why this aggrevates me so much, as I was expecting no linux support. I suppose it's just the fact that the employee on the other end of the phone, who is supposedly a "tech expert" and can help fix my problems, doesn't even understand what it is I am saying.


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