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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Cell phone companies monopolizing spectrum.

zymano writes: This article from cellular-news.com explains that the wireless companies are going back to their tricks in shutting out competition for spectrum. "The incumbent carriers have track records of participating in spectrum auctions simply to drive up the price for others, and even of not using spectrum once they acquired licenses, to effectively lock out rivals." Two economists also say that there should be rules to prevent Verizon and AT&T wireless from participating in the auction. Ofcourse any attempt at OpenSpectrum will be fought by the wireless companies. Openspectrum is really the only answer for lowcost broadband.

Submission + - When Open Source Hosts Go Bad

Rhett's Dad writes: Be careful who you host your open source project with... have a look at the soap opera going on with the embedded projects Opie, GPE, and IPKG and their host handhelds.org: http://fl0rian.wordpress.com/2007/05/22/threatened -how-do-we-protect-our-projects/

It is interesting to see that the "trademark" notice on the site was slipped in about a week ago, under the guise of a CVS log note "changed e-mail address from webmaster to admin".

If this one sticks, then it makes me wonder if this kind of trademark hijacking could be done at other, bigger, sites...
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Solution to H1-B/illegal aliens - tax them?

An anonymous reader writes: On Slashdot, there are a lot of people who dislike the H1-B program, because immigrants are allowed into the country who are willing to do the same work for less money. Employers claim the cap must be raised because there are not enough qualified people in the US to do the work, techies point to the unemployed techies and cry "bullshit"! Similarly, there is a big debate nationwide over what to do about illegal aliens. Some say they do jobs that few US citizens are willing to do, others claim they are just willing to do those jobs for less money than a US citizen would demand. Many solutions are proposed. Build a wall? Sanction employers for hiring them? Create a guest worker program to essentially "decriminalize" being in the country illegally?

A growing number claim the best solution would be to add some additional payroll taxes to the 7.65% paid by the employer on everyone's wages. If there was an additional say 20% added on top of that, H1-Bs could still come, but they would have to be willing to work for what amounts to 20% less than US citizens, due to that additional tax. But if employers REALLY cannot find qualified US citizens to do the work, they should be willing to accept this plan. Similarly, if currently illegal aliens are willing to pay several thousand dollars to be smuggled across the border, risking their very lives while doing so, to be hunted, hounded and hated, surely a guest worker program would be great for them, even if they had to accept a salary that would be 20% lower than what a US citizen received for it to be equal from the employer's eyes in terms of how much they actually had to pay.

Best of all, all this additional tax revenue would help reduce the deficit, and in the fine tradition of states like Florida that screw over tourists to reduce the tax burden on Florida's residents, we could collect taxes from non citizens, something even the most tax hating conservative would have to admit is better than raising the taxes on citizens. It would level the playing field between people who live in the US full time and need to support families that live here, with our higher cost of living and those who want to come here to work and save money to take/send home to countries with a lower cost of living where it is worth much more.
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Bruce Peren's petition related to Novell+Microsoft

Anonymous Coward writes: "Please read this petition here and sign it if you agree, below is just a small piece of the petition:
"The Samba software and hundreds of other programs will probably go a similar path. The Novell-Microsoft agreement has even had the power to make the Linux kernel developers and the large companies that support them take a fresh look at GPL 3. In the face of these changes, Novell will probably be stuck with old versions of the software, under old licenses, with Novell sustaining the entire cost and burden of maintaining that software. Novell will have to maintain its customers on old versions while the community takes GPL 3 versions of the same software into the future.
In short, now that Novell has chosen not to hang together with the Free Software community, we've chosen not to do so with you.
There is really only one path out of this corner for Novell. Go on with your technical collaboration, and keep the money. But Novell must now direct Microsoft to refrain from granting covenants to Novell's users unless they will apply to everyone equally. Hang together with the Free Software community by changing your software patent stance from one of monopoly rights for Novell to one of support for legislation that will make it safe for all of us to create, distribute, and use software.""
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - IBM and Cray win DARPA contracts, Sun out

Emery Berger writes: "DARPA's High-Productivity Computing Systems initiative — which is funding industry to build the next generation of hardware and programming languages for high-performance computing — has narrowed the field to IBM and Cray, leaving Sun Microsystems out in the cold and leaving the fate of Guy Steele's Fortress programming language worryingly unclear. Most Slashdotters know this, but Guy played a pivotal role in the development of a number of languages, including Common LISP and Java. For sports fans keeping track at home, IBM's entry in the programming language space is X10, an extension of Java, while Cray's entry is Chapel, a variant of ZPL from the University of Washington."

Submission + - MBA is Worthless

Jawood writes: Here's an essay I wrote (quickly) to explain to you folks who are contemplating getting an MBA.

Why you shouldn't get an MBA.

An MBA will not do you any good unless you graduate from a school that is actively recruited from by consulting firms that will pay you six figures. Other than that, it is worthless.

Submission + - Protest the Microsoft-Novell Patent Agreement

An anonymous reader writes: Novell and Microsoft's software patent agreement betrays the rest of the Free Software community, including the very people who wrote Novell's own system, for Novell's sole financial benefit. Join Bruce Perens in signing an open letter to Novell's CEO Ron Hovsepian.

Submission + - AllofMP3 Days Numbered as US OKs Russia WTO Entry

An anonymous reader writes: Friday the Americans and the Russians came to terms over their trade differences, leading the US to OK Russian entry into the World Trade organization. The pact covers several grievences, one of them focused on Russia's poor track record on intellectual property rights. The poster boy for this issue became Russian music service AllofMP3.com, which was elevated to this dubious position thanks to a British report. The report found that AllofMP3 was the number two service in the UK, behind only Apple, with an impressive 15% of the regional market. With the pact AllofMP3's days are numbered.

Submission + - EFF defends "Satanic Barney" from Lyons's

davidwr writes: In the what-part-of-satire-do-you-not-understand department:
From the Atlanta-Journal Constitution: Satanic Barney on Web tests copyright laws
'Barney's owner, Lyons Partnership, is in a legal squabble with a Web site creator who posted unflattering images of the children's character. The dispute is testing the boundaries of copyright law and free expression on the Internet. The Web site at issue displays one image of a satanic Barney posing with horns, sharp teeth and "666" emblazoned across his chest. A link on the site encourages viewers to join the "Jihad to Destroy Barney."'
In August, the EFF has joined the fray. I can't wait for some late-night satire TV show to run with this. "I love you, you love me, let's sue Barney and be free."

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