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Comment Re:I like Prince but. (Score 1) 172

1. A white kid walking around at night in a hoodie looks like a thug also. He does not look like a tech billionaire. 2. All low income kids need help regardless of race.

We've been hearing for years that blacks need to take responsibility to uplift themselves and not depend on others to help out. So a prominent black millionaire takes it upon himself to uplift other blacks and the response is basically "hey, why isn't he helping other people"? Sigh.

Comment Re:!? The federal Constitution limits the federal (Score 1) 190

Violates their Constitutional rights? The federal Constitution specifies and limits what the federal government can do. Did the federal government get copies of the conversations, of the recordd from this private company? If not, one can argue a -privacy- issue, but not a -Constitutional- issue.

Incorporation TL;DR: Prior to 1925 the Bill of Rights was held to apply only to the Federal government, but a series of US Supreme Court decisions have held that most amendments do in fact apply to the states as well.

Comment Re:Still Doesn't Explain... (Score 3, Informative) 239

why the other team's game balls remained properly inflated...given they were undergoing similar circumstances (weather, handling, use, etc).

Properly inflated /= experienced no deflation. The Colt's footballs could have experienced deflation and still met the 12.5 psi limit if they were inflated at the high-end of the range to start. This of course assumes that the leaks regarding the Colts footballs are correct, the initial report of 11/12 Pats game balls being 2 psi under the limit have been contradicted by the repots, including a report this morning that only 1 ball was 2 psi under the lime (the ball handled by the Colts' staff), a few balls were about 1 psi under the limit, and the rest were just a "tic" below 12.5 psi.

They also weren't necessarily undergoing similar circumstances" - the Pats' balls were used more and it could be that the Colts (as a dome team) were more concerned about keeping the balls dry than the Patriots were (homer speculation on my part).

Comment Re:I just don't understand (Score 2) 1128

The physical evidence on the scene was that Brown's blood was on officer Wilson, on his gun, and in his car. That disproves many of the witnesses stories that Brown stayed at a distance and did not approach officer Wilson.


There has never been a dispute that there was some king of altercation at the car, and that a gun went off. The evidence of Brown's blood on Wilson, the gunshot residue on Brown and the bullet inside the car all corroborate that. The issue is what happened after Brown ran away - was he running away when Wilson fired his last shots, was he running toward Wilson, or was he standing still? That's what the witnesses disagree about.

Comment Re:He's not filling Steve Jobs' shoes ... (Score 4, Insightful) 209

so when Google released their 7" tablet in July 2012, I bought one.

Then, in October 2012, Apple did a "me too!" and announced the iPad mini. I still think it was a reactionary move and I doubt the iPad mini would have surfaced at all if someone else hadn't released it first.

Wait, you think the iPad mini was approved, designed, engineered, mass manufactured and released in four months?

Comment Re:took his class at MIT (Score 4, Interesting) 129

The two notable things (other than the quality of teaching) about his class: infinite time is given to take exams (exams started at 7pm and a teaching assistant would stay until the last student left - the record during my tenure was 5:00am, or so I heard) and he provide free Tosci's ice cream during the exam.

During the Bose factory tours, he showed off Project Sound a decade before it was revealed to the press. And inevitably a student would challenge some of the concepts the Bose company popularized (direct/reflecting, lack of tone controls, etc) and Dr. Bose would gently, but convincingly slap down the student using a blizzard of engineering arguments (rumor has it that Ken Kantor was the only student that could successfully go toe-to-toe with Dr. Bose).

RIP Dr. Bose.

Comment Re:The girl you should've asked to prom... (Score 1) 117

The original iPhone was an iPod Touch enhanced with the 3G network and a camera. My wife was looking at getting one but we didn't want the data network. My cousin (an Apple employee at the time) suggested the iPod Touch instead, and then use WiFi+Skype for calls..

I think it would be more accurate to say "the original iPod Touch was and iPhone without the phone" given the iPhone came to market first (June 2007 vs September 2007).

Submission + - Thoughts on the Boston Lockdown from the edge ( 1

Reverberant writes: A lot of people are angry, upset, or worried about the “Boston Lockdown” as a sign that Freedom Is Over. One thing almost all of these people have in common is not having been in Boston at the time. An information worker living in Boston, who is cognizant of privacy issues, explains that the police acted in good faith, they did the best job they could, and this was not, as it may have appeared from the outside, some sort of martial law terrorizing the citizenry.

Comment Re:I almost hope they do it... (Score 1) 171

None of the pro-gun folks want to send *you* to jail for being a douche, after all.

So long as we're going to resort to generalities...

No, they would just rather project your right to confront and shoot kids for the heinous crime of playing their music too loud (or the even more heinous crime of wearing a hoodie in rainy weather while carrying a can of iced tea).

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