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Comment Few things (Score 1, Informative) 257

Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500(M)
1Password (or equivalent)

Scan important documents and shred or hide the originals if necessary. Store all passwords in 1Password and give the master unlock key to couple of your friends.

Encrypt, zip and put it on cloud storage. Setup a calendar repeating event (or a chron script) that checks if you're alive every 6 months. Point that to a file called IF_DEAD_PLEASE_READ_ME.TXT for instructions.

You could do this in 1 afternoon.

Comment Re:we are in the era of Good Enough (Score 3, Interesting) 310

Lets be honest, this is about Office.

Microsoft is still living in that fantasy land where MS Office is relevant or necessary to everyone with a computer.

Apple's Pages and Google Docs cover about 95% of the consumer population. I'm not even mentioning all the 3rd party, dirt cheap apps which have carved out their niches and do some tasks far better without the pricetag or the bloat of Office suite.

I do love unending analyst guarantees (10 year running) how Office is this one thing that will turn the tide by making Microsoft cool and relevant again. Then the kids will finally discover the joys of mail merge and start sharing their hip-hop playlists with their friends at the Microsoft store.

Comment Re:Side Loading (Score 1) 573

Don't you wish you could just decide for yourself what you could were allowed to install on your device?

You don't need to wish. Any developer can provision own devices to sideload any apps they choose, they just can't sell it on the App Store without approval, which is entirely within Apple's rights. It's their house.

The original article is a giant appeal to emotion. I'm sympathetic to author's cause, but assuming that SfY was previously on the App Store it means it can continue to live on locally provisioned iOS devices.

From here the argument is entirely legal and has fuckall to do with freedom.

Comment Re:I have HBO... (Score 1) 1004

You get it 3 hours earlier. The torrent clears in under 5 minutes.

I have HBO too but only watch a few old shows on HBOGo through the iPad. I don't even know which channel HBO is on out of possible 700 channels. Been a subscriber for over 5 years, must have accidentally tuned in maybe once or twice on a TV.

Torrents are convenient. It's not even about piracy for some people.

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 93

This is pretty much spot-on. Intel is latching on to every dumb idea to get back into the growth sectors but not having much luck. Everything they do these days is reactive.

The funny part about this initiative isn't that Intel is scraping the bottom of the barrels now, it's that ARM-based chips are a far better value proposition for this type of thing - the very reason they're being clobbered in mobile space.

Comment Re:need new killer product family every 5 years or (Score 2) 187

Billion dollar revenue products that redefine the company. Google has had about three: Search, Adwords, and Android.

Search and Adwords are intertwined. You can't really separate them if you're talking about these products in the context of revenue creation.

Android, on the other hand, is a net loss for Google. 2/3rds of search traffic on mobile comes from iOS devices for all that marketshare Andy Rubin keeps talking about. Android development costs + Motorola acquisition put the entire project in the red by about 15bn+.

Google doesn't have 3. It has only one product that generates billions. All roads lead to Adwords and that's 97% of Google's revenue.

Comment Re:"...only show phones they think might sell." (Score 2) 435

iPhone was introduced in 2007. They've had 5 years to catch up.

They're not going to catch up with hardware R&D this late in the game. They don't control the entire stack (software+market are owned by Microsoft) and hardware features are in many ways secondary - it's a glass screen encased in plastic or aluminum.

Comparing Apple of 2003 to Nokia of today is insane. Apple was on solid footing by 2000 with a diverse portfolio of products that actually generated revenue for the company.

In short, Nokia is dead like Palm.

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