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XBox (Games)

Journal Journal: Whee... halo goodness! 1

wow... i just did the coolest stunt ever in Halo..
(well, that i've done.. ive seen cooler stuff on HBO

bloodgulch, 1v1, all vehicles.

took a ghost to the top of blue's fort and knocked it over on its back. Then i chucked a sticky grenade to the bottom, in the back-right side.
Flipped it back over; got in, and accelerated. right as i reached the edge; the 'nade exploded; sending me+ghost 20-30 feet high, with two forward flips.

landed *square* on blue's head. (he was standing near the tree.)

unbelievably cool-looking.

other than that, i took all the vehicles (except for scorpions) to the top of blue's fort. ghosts are easy; all you gotta do is back a scorpion into the side of a fort. then just ride a ghost straight into the scorpion. for soem reason; the engine ignores the scorpion's barrel, so the scorpion makes a perfect ramp. warthogs are much harder, but still not too bad. back one into the side of the fort; and then move it forward one or two feet. (this is vitally important, too little, and it will hit the wall and bounce back. too much; and its a little harder to get the 'hog where you want it to go.) throw a sticky grenade so it lands just under the bumper, and when it explodes, fire a rocket at around the same area (a little forward, to get better height.) alternatively, you could fire the grenade a little forward; and the rocket closer to the bumper; the effect is the same. you just want one pushing up; one pushing forward&up.

I havent figured out how to do scorpions with only 2 controllers/players yet, i know people have done it with 4+, but the best i can do is get it around 2/3 the height of the fort, with an end-over-end flip. grenades only have the force to bring scorpions up by inches; rockets only by about a foot.

my best solution so far involves ramming the scorpion onto a rock near the fort, which not only props it up a few feet, but allows the firing of the rockets *directly* into it; and not into the ground. unfortunately; its not quite enough. next time; im gonna try the sticky-then-switch trick (sticky grenades have a longer fuse than frag grenades; so if you are good enough, you can fire a sticky grenade, switch to frag; fire, and they will both explode at the same time.) hopefully, that will be enough. -Recoil
User Journal

Journal Journal: Yay, 4 day weekend!

or is it?

i really dont know. i think so; but i havent bothered asking anyone; because im like that...

anyways.. im 99% sure it is.. so i might aswell lay down my plans for the weekend..

first; im gonna try and get a job... yeah; i know. pshyaw.. its nover gonna happen. i cant seem to get off my fucking lazy ass to actually do anything; but i can sure as hell say i will :P

second.. i gotta find something to do! ive been meaning to spend more time with freinds; maybe catch a movie or something; or at least reinstall starcraft and go for a couple rounds of that..

cool link of the day: the retail alphabet game . ive seen a few things like this; but they were in print.. this one is a form-based webpage; and works really, really well. i love it; and hope for this guy to keep on updating. the having-to-buy-the-latest-solution thing sucks, yes... but its not that much of a drag. giving up sucks anyways...

so.. where am i right now.. well; im technically in history class; but i asked the teacher to go to the computer lab next door to do research. unfortunately; i couldnt find what i was looking for (click the link for yourself and see.. :/ )

so of course i got bored; and due to the damn filtering "solution" the school uses; rand out of options (webfr00t.co.nz, then lockergnome.com, then gametrailers.com, then here.) slashdot didnt have much in the way of news since i checked it 3 hours ago, so... why not? i came to post in the old blog.. (er, new blog, init)

anyways.. what elese to talk about?

well; erm.. thigns that happened today.. -my freind adrian drew a penis in some teacher's bible that was laying on his desk (hey, bibles dont have a place in school, anyways.) -got a 92% on a history test (yay)

hmm.. thats about it... wow, what an uneventful day.

l8erz, Recoil
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Journal Journal: Lunchtime..

..and my guidance appointment with a counsellor has been cancelled (he's not here); so i decided to go to the library to catch up on some netstuff... not much in the way of interesting stuff today; so i headed over /.

anyways.. so i was originally gonna be discussing the chaging of some courses of next year; academic math is a bit easy for me... im taking university/college math next yeat; but since its a little easy, im considering switching to pure university math...

other than that; i think im gonna take anthropology/sociology next year; instead of digital photography. reason? well; i need the credit to graduate (one involving sociological sciences). the problem is; that if i dont take an art course next year; i might not be able to fit one in next year. but then again; thats exactly what im trying to do.. i find im way to computer & arts centric; im taking commtech10, art10, and comsci10 as my electives this year; and commtech11, comsci11, coop(x2, probably in a computer-related field), and chemistry11 as my electives next year. I feel that's closing doors for me; and im trying to rectify that... but i love computers; i really do...

life sucks, as always..

anyways, in retrospect; breedart isnt really that great... they have a few designs that i like; but alot of their stuff is... devoid. just empty of meaning, imo.. anyways; my freind is sitting next to me; and well... he's a l337h4xor (the real kind.. man hes such a nerd ;) ) so he of course loves going 'against the man', and hacking intot he school's servers.... what im really trying to say here is:

anyone want access to an unpassworded hp laserjet printer owned by the York Region District School Board?

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Journal Journal: Whee!!

i got me own slashblog ^_^

fun fun fun....


i dunno what to say right now, so i wont.


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