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Journal Journal: I link to a website from my signature

This is a complaint forum for people who don't like me. I am a karma whore, in that I like to post funny, informative, and insightful comments early on in a story's lifetime. I also respond to comments and replies to my own comments like anybody else. I've had a user id here for years, and I just recently switched to this one.

I link to a website from my signature as well as from the "homepage" field in the comment header.

So, post a comment below, please. You can encourage or discourage, whatever you like. You might even convince me to change my signature, but realize this ahead of time: I think my signature is pretty mainstream for slashdot.

I'll consider replying below, but I don't really want to argue with anybody. If you think my signature is poorly worded, please post a better version below, realizing that I intend to link to the same website. This can be humorous or insulting or whatever you like.


Journal Journal: Do you know what's weird about having a subscription? 10

Having a subscription is weird. You see all of the stories early, but you can't post on them. Yeah, I see the need for this, but they ignore peoples' reason for posting. They feel like they have something important to share with others. So, here you are with a comment burning holes in your fingertips, and what do you end up doing? Moving on to the next story, that's what.

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