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Journal Journal: Go M's

Now it's time for those uppity Royals to get smacked down to the basement where they belong.

Go Mariners.

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Journal Journal: Random thoughts

So the Redwigns are playing well again, which is good to see. We're coming up on my favorite time of the year. Let's take a look:

- Spring training is in full bloom and Opening Day is just a few short weeks away.

- March madness is right around the corner

- The NHL playoffs are coming up, although they won't be done until June.

- The weather is finally getting nice. Of course in NYC it's nice for a while, and then it suddenly gets oppresively hot and humid and then I'm waiting impatiently for fall.

At least the february sports dead zone is almsot over.

What's the best XBox mod chip?

Why can't I find Country Time Lemonade/Ice Tea mixer mix at the grocery store any more? That stuff was the nectar of the Gods.

Home rotisserie ovens are the greatest thing since Boston Market.

Journal Journal: Belated Moderation 1

Ok, so who goes back and moderates two or three days after they've gone off the front page? What's the point? No one's really looking at the discussion any more, right?


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Journal Journal: Friends? Fans? What?

When did all this friends/fans/foes/freaks thing start? I jsut noticed it today, but I alredy have two freaks, which are apparently people who consider me a foe. Why do they consider me a foe? I don't know. I'm very confused.

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