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Comment Re:Empathy is for loosers (Score 1) 781

As I said, America (I speak of America because that's where the 77% and 93% figures come from) has an employment gap between the genders. Part of it is division based on traditional gender roles in employment, and certainly that should be addressed. Though certainly there's a mixture of self-inflicted and other-inflicted harm there.

But regardless, the ideal is still equal pay for equal work. This is an ideal that cannot be met if you get equal pay for different work. And if the world of corporate finance has taught us anything, it's that attempting to make special cases for things just creates loopholes that invariably get abused.

Comment Bro is the New Nazi (Score 1) 781

The real story here is that some people hold so much hatred for a specific group of people (bros) that the mere mention of that group of people is offensive for them, and they prefer to remove a common, innocuous word from the English language than to ever have to hear it in any context. I had to think a bit to come up with another case of this type of thing occurring: Nazis (oh yes, shit just got real!). Albeit it's not a perfect match. Nazi is a proper name that does not have any other function in the English language, while bro is a commonly used abbreviation of a common English word. So clearly people hate bros significantly more than they hate Nazis, which in itself speaks volumes about modern culture. But it's the best analogue I can come up with.

Comment Re:This is ridiculous (Score 1) 781

Ah yes. First came the sexualization, now you've injected race into the mix (and in a particularly derogatory manner, to boot). Do you ever think of anything other than race and sexuality? The topic of discussion is the Brotli file format, which is neither sexual nor racial. Can you please stop thinking about sex and race long enough for us to discuss technology? This is a news for nerds site, afterall.

Comment Re:This is ridiculous (Score 1) 781

If I saw an extension ".bro" there's a change I'd assume it was intentional (or at least they were aware of it) and I'd instantly get a mental image of the developers being a bunch of frat boys high-fiving calling each other bro.

I would too. And I'd laugh at the mental image before going about my business. If .bro is anything, it's funny.

Comment Re:Empathy is for loosers (Score 1) 781

You... you are being satirical, are you not? Your post sounds like you're bashing SJWs by pretending to be a particularly stupid one.

But assuming you're not, I'll address the topic of salary. The concept of the "wage gap" is widely misunderstood. The study most commonly cited as evidence (the 77% number) explicitely cautions not to misinterpret the number. The number is the ratio of all women in all jobs vs. all men in all jobs. More detailed studies that actually compare pay in the same job put the number at 93% at a minimum (there are additional variables that cannot be reliably controlled for, and may reduce the gap even further). In general there is not a wage gap but rather an employment gap. Women work fewer hours than men, are less senior because they've been with the company for less time, are more likely to be part time, are more likely to sacrifice salary to get better working conditions, and simply avoid some of the high-paying jobs like software engineering. Most but not all of these are probably related to motherhood, but the facts are quite clear: women make less than men on average because they do less work than men on average (or other things that if men did them they'd make less too). To expect equal pay for different work is a tautology of the definition of discrimination.

That said, what on earth does any of that have to do with the topic at hand? "Bro" is at worst misandric (and even that is questionable). You might have never heard of that word, but it means derogatory (possibly offensive) to males. And I think I speak for just about everyone when I say: we males do not need you to get offended on our behalf. We can take care of ourselves.

Comment Dumbest Thing I've Heard This Month (Score 1) 781

And it seriously didn't occur to them that "br" is ALSO an abbreviation of "brother"?

You know how a lot of people think "politically correct" or "social justice warrior" mean a person devoid of intelligence who goes out of their way to racially or sexually charge things that have nothing to do with race or sex to give them something to be offended about? Yeah, this is why.

Comment Re:First projects should be celebrated even if min (Score 1) 662

Really I think the reason people are putting him down is because a lot of the maker community immediately jumped to his defense, then felt deceived when they learned he hadn't even made the thing himself. Of course this response is directed at the wrong party - the ones who were deceptive was not Ahmed but the media that blew the whole story enormously out of proportion and made him look like a boy genius. Nevertheless, feelz.

Comment Plenty of Blame to Go Around (Score 2) 662

The article makes some good points and some not so good points. Here's the TL;DR version of this whole affair as best anyone can tell from the evidence so far:
- Ahmed brought disassembled clock to school for show and tell
- Ahmed never claimed it was a bomb
- Neither the school nor police actually thought it was a bomb (if they had, the entire event would have gone down much more dramatically)
- Given that, it's entirely possible the whole affair was racially motivated (or some idiotic zero-tolerance thing where they thought scaring him would teach him a lesson)
- Ahmed did not build the clock in question, he merely disassembled a store bought clock
- Ahmed is a fledgling tinkerer and may have a productive career in engineering when he grows up...if he doesn't crack from the pressure of being a world-renowned boy genius and shining jewel of Muslim-Americans
- Disassembling a clock at 13 does not a boy genius make. Even building a clock from a microcontroller at 13, while nothing to sneeze at, would fall short of the title of "genius".
- Obama's presidency will be ending soon, but the memories (and pictures/videos) of him inviting a kid that disassembled a clock to the White House are forever

Comment Re:Steam (Score 4, Insightful) 731

Actually, he has the legal system to support his claim. Your entire position is based on the assumption that Valve CAN remove the DRM if they need to shut off their servers. This is incorrect. Many of the games on Steam are not owned by Valve, thus they would not have the legal power to remove DRM from third-party games without the publishers' consent (the very same publishers that fought tooth and nail to use DRM to begin with). Of course, this is assuming they can afford to remove the DRM before something like going bankrupt, to begin with (and good luck downloading games after their servers go down).

So yes, from the objective facts we have available, probability is strongly on the side of Valve NOT being able to meet your hopes. But this is a free country (assuming you live in the US); you're free to put your faith anywhere you like.

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