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Comment Destroys Rasberry Pi? (Score 1) 201

You mean the board actually stood up, walked over to the Rasberry Pi standing nearby and crushed it to pieces? ...
What happend to normal sentences like "Runs XYZ benchmark 5 times faster than the Rasberry Pi using half the energy" or something like that?
Is this the effect the US political debate has on language? Probably.

Comment The more efficient a system gets ... (Score 1) 108

... the more fragile it becomes.

Hanjin - a major korean shipping corp recently gone bankrupt - has massive containerships standing at sea, not allowed to run into harbours because the harbour authorities are afraid they won't see their fees. As a result, companies relying on their shipments done with Hanjin are on the brink of bankruptcy, because they can't deliver. And on it goes down the foodchain.

This is what happens if you cut it too thin and expect dirt-cheap stuff and services everywhere, every time and all the time. Same with Uber, Lyft, MyHammer and now this. This sort of race for the bottom line will end up with deflation and eventually a lot of companies and individuals going out of business.

Comment Digital Homicide is known for this. (Score 3, Informative) 194

Digital Homicide is known for this type of shit. I have lost count of the times Jim Sterling has brought them up whenever they were screwing around again.

It would be nice to see Valve/Steam finally getting up to some quality management and start kicking out the assholes and doucebags. Digital Homicide is a very good start.

Comment And that's where you are wrong. (Score 0) 274

Anyone who believes this is a fool. So-called 'self driving cars' are NOT going to be capable or safe to be unattended anytime in the next 5 years, or 10 years, or 20 years, because we do not have true AI and will not have true AI until we understand how our own brain works.

You're wrong. We don't need AI for self-driving cars. (You might call it AI, but that's another, academic discussion)
What we need is cars that can drive themselves better than humans can. And those already exist. Even with Teslas mislabled autopilot and that one weird accident that happened due to wrong/irresposible handling of the car counted in, the death quota per kilometer is half that of human drivers. And that's in a definitely non-selfdriving car you can by right now in any mid-sized to large city.

I suggest you get up-to-date on things.

You're welcome.

Comment This is beyond silly. (Emacs user here) (Score 1) 131

In the war between Emacs and Vi I come down on Emacs' side, but this is beyond silly.
And it goes to show that the GTK version is as pointless as I make it out to be. I only use Emacs in the CLI, and if I even chose to set up a speedy minimal linux system emphasising the CLI I will run it in CLI mode.

I've seen a lot of silly stuff come out of the Emacs camp, but adding webkit to Emacs take the nonsense to a new level in my book.

Comment We are. The others keep f*cking it up. (Score 1) 536

We are improving the world. It's just that the ignorant idiots keep f*cking things up.

We build free open architecture computers and advocate them. They buy iPhones.
We build and promote free software. They use Windows and pay bizar abmounts of subscription fees for office programms. (Hardly believable but, seriously, no joke.)
We tell them man-made climate change is a real thing and we need to react and they say it's all made up because of ... reasons ...
We build and promote electric cars and high-tech bicycles. They buy the next big Porsche Cheyenne.
We explain to them that a public transport system built with half the money spent on private cars would be something like a Star Trek utopia of transport. They clog up the cities with stacks and rows of parked private cars.
We tell then not to use Facebook and WhatsCrap, but rather Diaspora and Jabber. They don't give a flying f*ck. (Well, my daughter does. Smart girl. Daddy loves you.)
We tell them nuclear fission doesn't add up, but they just do what energy powermongers want.
We tell then voting machines are a very very bad idea. What do they do? Build and deploy voting machines. ...

It's like I've always said:
Powerful tools in dumb hands is always the biggest problem of technological advancement.

Submission + - One of the oldest TV SciFi serials, the German "Space Patrol Orion", turns 50

Qbertino writes: One of the oldest Science Fiction TV serials, the famous German "Raumpatrouille Orion" (Space Patrol Orion) turned 50 today. Heise.de has a scoop on the anniversary in German. The production of Space Partol Orion predates Star Trek by roughly a year and was a huge TV hit in Germany, gaining the status of a "Street Sweeper" (Straßenfeger), referring to the effect it's airing had on public life. 6 episodes were produced.
Watch Episode One here here and link subtitled versions below if you find one. Enjoy!
"Fallback to Earth!" ... In Germany that phrase is about as cult as "Engage Warpdrive!".

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