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Comment FreeRepubdot (Score 1) 600

I had to keep checking the top banner to make sure I wasn't on freerepublic after reading the comments on here. So much utter nonsense about death panels and across-state-lines-magic. I don't think I've seen so many misinformed comments on slashdot before, and I've seen a few emacs and kde4 threads in my time.

Comment Re:reddit (Score 1) 722

As an older guy, even those under 25 are young to me... not because of an age gap of a decade, but because their minds are still developing... not to mention the lack of experience that comes with being so young. Things were different when the average life expectancy was 40, but we don't live in those times anymore. Women aren't promised to men at age 13 and immediately expected to have children. That kind behavior is considered more barbaric than the medical technology of the time.

I agree, if only because looking at sexually mature women under the age of 25 is pretty much the same as having sexual intercourse or marrying them. Pretty much.

Comment Re:Sexualization of busty teens?!? (Score 5, Interesting) 722

Picture it being your daughter, and some creepy motherfucker eyeing her up. Put yourself in someone else's shoes.

Males looking at my fully clothed daughters? The horror! This is why all my daughters must wear burkas in public until the day they reach 18. Once they're 18 though, it's fair game for pervs to check them out.

Comment Sexualization of busty teens?!? (Score 5, Funny) 722

How dare these creeps sexualize teenage girls with big firm full breasts? That sort of sexual attraction is completely unnatural and twisted. I'm glad reddit has taken the step of eliminating these pictures of fully clothed busty girls.

Next challenge: prevent men from looking at busty teenage jailbait out in public. These perverts must be stopped.

Comment Re:It is astonishing that they didn't foresee this (Score 1) 355

In fact I believe Kindle ebooks are the MOST cross platform ebooks out there as their reader app is on every single platform.

The key word here being their reader app.

It's a meaningless distinction. Amazon retains control over how their ebooks are used/consumed, regardless of what platform they are on.

Comment Re:It is astonishing that they didn't foresee this (Score 1) 355

I think you mean that Amazon's ebooks only work on Amazon *software*. You can get a Kindle reader for most any major platform.

Very true. Should have said amazon hardware/software. It has the same result: amazon is the gatekeeper, and the files are accessible under their conditions.

Comment It is astonishing that they didn't foresee this (Score 2) 355

Especially now with amazon getting into the publishing business: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/17/technology/amazon-rewrites-the-rules-of-book-publishing.html?pagewanted=all

At least with the music industry's drm'ed files they could be played on a multitude of devices from various companies. Amazon's ebooks only work on amazon hardware.

I also get the impression that pirating ebooks is far less common with Joe and Susie Consumer than with what occurred in the napster days with mp3s. I doubt ebook filesharing has much affect on the publisher's bottom line, since most of those who do it probably wouldn't have purchased the book anyway (and certainly not new in hardcover).

Comment Weak excuses (Score 2) 233

Regarding censorship bypassing, some have stated it is hypocritical for us to claim we do not allow illegal activity, and then claim our service is used in some countries to bypass censorship illegally. Again we follow UK law, there isn’t a law that prohibits the use of Egyptians gaining access to blocked websites such as Twitter, even if there is one in Egypt though there are certainly laws regarding the hacking of government and corporate systems.

But if the Egyptian government went through the appropriate channels and got a UK court order, presumably HMA would turn over the logs immediately. Besides, there are a number of censorship-related situations where HMA would apparently pass out user information like cookies at a bake sale regardless of whether a boogedy-boogedy scary middle east country is involved or if it is the US/UK... the wikileaks fiasco would be an obvious example.

Why not at least keep the connections logs for only 2 or 3 days? I would imagine that would still enable them to crack down on abuse while avoiding having to comply with most court orders.

Comment Re:What KDE 4.0 "mistake"? (Score 1) 227

The guy was referring to the Plasma libraries, not the Plasma desktop.

Ah ok, my bad. Obviously I'm not a developer (just a finicky hyper-critical desktop linux user!), but doesn't having buggy crash-ridden software like 4.0 plasma make it difficult to develop and test your own add-ons and related software? If I want to develop desktop widgets but plasma itself was continually crashing and burning, doesn't that slow the process as well?

It very well may not if the libraries are "mature", just wondering.

Comment Re:What KDE 4.0 "mistake"? (Score 1) 227

Your logic is that if you made no effort to find out any information on what you were installing, then someone else intentionally lied to you.

Your logic is that KDE wasn't intentionally trying to change the way software releases were labeled (alpha->beta->release) and used. Which they were. They moved out of the "beta" stage to a release that apparently wasn't actually supposed to be used by users. 4.1 either for that matter. Blaming the users for their lack of research on the topic is absurd.

Comment Re:What KDE 4.0 "mistake"? (Score 1) 227

You claim developers would still develop apps while KDE on the whole was in beta, but that just isn't the case. KDE Planet showed the number of commits and new developers, which exploded after the 4.0 release.

I never said there would the same number of developers working on KDE4 projects at that exact point in time, just that there was still a lot of interest at the beta stages. Exactly what was the massive drawback to waiting a few months until plasma was more mature and usable before release? I think avoiding the entire release debacle would have been far more beneficial in the long run versus being 2-3 months behind in development from where we are now. That's discounting that there may have been developers and users discouraged by the alpha quality of the 4.0 release and turned away from the project.

If kdelibs, phonon, plasma, etc. hadn't matured to a 4.0 release state

Plasma was no where near a release state with 4.0. It wasn't even beta quality.

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